What does midlife crisis mean to you (Part 1)

Midlife crisis in Woman : Marriage is difficult, I hope you are brave in it.

People said time seem to speed up with age. And the so called ” midlife crisis” is waiting for us as we gradually grow old. As a woman in middle ages mean you can not coquettish like a young and naive girl to get what you want. At middle ages, you have more responsibility then before, it is because you need to take care of the elderly and young children.

To most people, midlife crisis often means struggling with stress, especially when you are facing job changes, adapt to new environment, managing interpersonal relationship stress, forming a family, parenting, divorce, or take care of aging and sick parent etc.

There is a kind of stress in midlife, that is being single. Live in a conservative Asian society like Malaysia, I have a lot of female patients told me about the discomfort of stereotypes and negative perception about being a single women. Actually marriage status, religion, political view, sexual orientation and income shouldn’t be a subject for discussion with a person you don’t know well. But in our Asian culture, people like to talk about those topics without respecting privacy.

The role of women in marriage is not as simple as imagined. It is not enough to have an inner self-growth consciousness to cope with various external social relationship pressures.

In Asia traditional family, we had a proverb said : ” there are 3 types of unfilial, having no sons is the worst”. It mean someone who doesn’t get marry, infertility or do not have children is a shame for the entire family. Anyway, we should not being tied up by such an idea. Sometimes, the reason why we faced unnecessary midlife critics like this, is because we care too much about what other think of us.

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