Testimonials : Why skin diseases of the hands are the most difficult to treat

Do you know? Skin diseases on hands are the most difficult to treat and also very difficult to heal. The reason is very simple. First, hands are in contact with a lot of things that irritate the skin all the time, and also having high risk of catching a highly infectious skin disease; second, the hands unable to heal well because it is damaged, when continuously in contact with Alcohol sanitizer (during the epidemic), or frequent handwashing such as cooking and housework.

So, I thought of the “skin fallow method”. That is to find the right time to stop irritating the skin. For example, after dinner, until the next morning, we let the skin rest for more than ten hours and accept the repair time of external application of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Regarding the external application of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homodesty Consultancy has a herbal mask powder called Kochia mask that relieves itching, redness and allergy. It has always been used to treat allergic-type pigmented skin. I had my patients apply it on her thumb before going to bed, and she reported good results for the first few days, however the skin was a little dry. Later, this clever patient remembered that there were some basic lotions without medicinal properties at home, so my decision is to advise her to mix Kochia mask powder and lotion, then apply to her thumb.

Unexpectedly, after a week, her thumb has greatly improved. Later, she had a whim and found that adding more Kochia mask powder can enhance the efficacy of treatment. If it is to be used as a general emollient, the proportion of lotion should be a little more and the Kochia mask powder should be less. So, smart and clever patients are also our inspirations.

Therefore, I introduce Homodesty’s Kochia mask to all of you who suffer from hand skin diseases. This natural Traditional Chinese Medicine product will definitely improve your hands within a week, and stop the itchiness.

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