Qi Yi Anti-Aging cream



Introducing Qi Yi anti-aging herbal cream. This is a face cream for wrinkle repair while treating hyper-pigmentation. The name “Qi Yi” from the paragraph commentary in the book of changes “I Ching” mean great fortune, longevity and good health come together with the practice of well-being. “Qi Yi Cream” inspired from the beauty of classical Chinese gardens of SuZhou.
We use Rose, Jasmine and Angelica Sinensis to awaken “the sleeping skin cells” , bring back the deep inner feelings of love and good memories, and harmonize the whole cream with Lavender’s aroma.
Damask Rose :  repair wrinkles and moisturize dry skin, soothe the liver and dispel the stagnation, promote blood circulation, relieve stress and stabilize the mood.
Jasmine: Improves sensitive skin. Anti depression, relax body and mind.
Angelica Sinensis : promote blood circulation to metabolite melanin, even skin tone and improve wrinkles.
Lavender : Treat acne, break down dark spots, smoothen rough skin and heal sunburn. It can also help to release mental stress and work as disinfection.
Suitable for:
Dry skin, wrinkles, sagging skin and dark spots.

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  1. For more than 10 years, I had tried many creams, but nothing worked for my old skin with lot of wrinkles. I heard about Homodesty from my friend and get to know they have a new face cream for aging skin. After 3 weeks of using this face cream, my skin becomes more firm and the wrinkles gradually fade away, will definitely recommend it to all of you!

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