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Hello everyone, I am Alexander Ho, your Chinese Medicine physician. Today, I would like to introduce an online consultation session to :
1. People who have limited budgets, but still interested to join a skin pigmentation program.
2. People who are afraid of facing situations of unable to receive their parcel due to some shipping restriction policy by their custom department.
3. People who wish to get some guidelines by fully utilize the resource beside them to manage their skin pigmentation plan.

My online consultation via e-mail or WhatsApp messages will help you by collecting your current health status, analyse your body type  and design a simple lifestyle management and diet plan to help you to create results in 30 days.After making payment through, there are THREE simple steps to enroll in our program :

First :
Through email,  Facebook messenger or WhatsApp,  we will discuss your skin pigmentation goal and health condition that might be the underlying causes of dark spots

Second :
I will invite you to take some face photos with front view and both side views. It will be a great idea to take those photos during day time while facing natural sunlight.
With the privacy concern, I will not publish your photos without your permission.

Apart from the face photos, I will like to collect 2 photos of your tongue. The colour, texture, coat and shape of your tongue will help us to collect more info about your health.
One photo shows an open mouth while sticking out your tongue.
Another photo shows the vein and bottom of the tongue by rolling up your tongue.
Please focus your camera on the mouth and tongue area only.
Do not take photos inside the room with dim and yellow lighting.

Third :
I will pick a few simple questions from our big data system, your answers will help me to design a more precise skin pigmentation plan that is carefully crafted for your skin and health.
After completing the above three simple steps, I can give you suggestions on :
1. Diet plan (What to eat to break down dark spots)
2. Lifestyle management (What to do to stay healthy and heal hyperpigmentation faster)
3. What to get to create a pigmentation mask that suit your skin condition

My online diagnosis and consultation will help you :

1. Know more about your body type and health status, know how to activate the function of the inner organ that shut down the production of melanin.
2. Know all the helpful tips to heal your skin pigmentation issue effectively
3. Cut down a lot of cost in purchasing unnecessary skin care that might harm or damage your skin.
4. Learn how to stay younger and maintain great health with simple herbs or foods that are available in your country.
5. With my help, you can get the direct path to success, avoid to walk along the wrong way or dangerous way.

Sign up an online consultation today and I wish to see you soon !

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