Kochia Mask for Pigmented Sensitive Skin – 2 Units

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Without proper treatment, sensitive skin condition such as redness, hot rashes, swelling and itchy will make your skin pigmentation issues become worst.

The so-called extreme way to treat your skin pigmentation issues, such as laser, chemical peeling, steroid and heavy metal skin care products will make you pay a very high price.

When the skin barrier is damaged, open wounds, skin inflammation will increase production of melanin, and dark spots are more likely to form up more.

Introducing our Kochia mask for intensive repair and helping your skin become healthy again.

The testimonial before and after using Kochia pigmentation mask. This woman's face damaged by laser treatment, we use Chinese herbal mask to repair her face and healed the dark patches
Testimonials (Before & After)
” Laser treatment damaged my skin, but Chinese herbs cure my face.”
Sha, 46 years old, Malaysian, married woman with 3 kids

Because I was unhappy with the visible small dark patches around my cheek bone,  I went to a well known skin specialist center for laser treatment. The good news was after 2 sessions, my dark patches faded away,but bad news was the result only lasted for a week. So the doctor recommended me to take another 13 sessions of stronger laser treatments. After 13 sessions, my face became horrible, all the dark spots spreaded wildly, the pigmented area on the right face appeared in rectangle shape like being burned by the leakage of laser light.

The doctor didn’t have any solution to fix it. I was very sad and disappointed, my life was totally ruined, I had to apply very thick make up and wear a scarf to cover my ugly face. Fortunately, I met Doctor Alexander, his 100% Chinese herbs really helped me a lot. My damaged skin was healed, skin tone became brighter and the dark patches broke down gradually.


Suitable for 
1. Slow recovery after laser treatment
Kochia mask helps your skin to heal more quickly, removing pigment particles fragmented by laser easily.

2. Corrosive burns and irritation after chemical or acid skin peeling treatment
Kochia mask reduces inflammation, promotes wound healing, reduces redness, itchiness and tingling.

3.Eczema / Tinea / dermatitis
Kochia mask quickly eliminates redness and swelling wounds and reduces purulent secretions and helps to reduce itching.

4. Acne, whiteheads, blackheads or pimples
Kochia mask inhibits bacterias, control sebaceous gland secretion and speed up dissipation of inflammation

Damaged skin barrier after laser treatment and corrosive skin peeling skin care.

Reason to choose this product 
1. Made of pure natural herbs, no harmful ingredients at all,  will not be harsh and abrasive on your skin.
2. Eliminate allergies and itchiness in a short period of time (visible effect within 1 days).
3. Also suitable for infants, children and the elderly with damaged skin condition.
4. Having various skin repair and healing effects, especially for damaged skin with dark spots, acne, dermatitis, redness and itchiness.

Kochia mask suitable for skin pigmentation issues like Melasma, Freckle, brown patches that come with sensitive skin condition.

Characteristic of this product
1. Reduce the side effects caused by misuse of harmful toxic skin care products, laser, chemical peeling treatment, such as: redness, tingling and etc.
2. Has very good detox, hydrating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial functions, best for treating acne, unlike others acne cream makes acne prone skin dry and rough.
3. Penetrate deeply into the pores, remove impurities and resolve heavy metal cosmetic toxins.
4. Deep skin repair, enhances skin cell immunity, anti-allergic and reduces redness.
5. Continue to reduce dark spots while taking care of the most sensitive and damaged skin condition.

We have trilogy and concept in treating skin pigmentation by Chinese herbs. There are 3 important things you need to know. 1. Detoxification 2. Nourishment 3. Healing from inside out

Introduce the Homodesty trilogy of removing dark spots

1. Detoxification (Solved by using face cleanser and facial mask)
2. Nourishment (Followed by face cream )
3. Healing from inside out ( Improve inner organs’ health by herbal supplements)

Our natural herbal mask VS other competitors’ product :
1.Our mask does not contain Lead, mercury, hydroquinone, phenol. Those ingredients are very common in many face masks. The manufacturers want to make more profit, that’s why they illegally added to create rapid results, long term usage of those masks will cause skin irritation, making dark spots more difficult to remove and even appear unusual white spots. Besides that, heavy metals in the face mask will harm organs of the body and damage the nervous system.

2. Our mask does not contain fluorescent powder and other brightening agents. Many face masks contain fluorescent powder that will make your skin become white and glow immediately under the reflection of light. Long-term usage can cause skin cancer.

3. To fulfill the need of super moisturizing skin care products, many face masks contain too much thickeners or polymer colloids, polyhydric alcohol humectants (such as glycerin, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, etc.), long-term use will make the skin becomes drier, destroying the normal structure of skin surface.

Kochia masks do not contain artificial moisturizing agents, the natural moisturizing effect from Chinese herbal medicine will not disturb the skin’ to produce natural moisturizing factors.

4. Our mask does not contain emulsifiers, preservatives and fragrances, which will irritate sensitive skin and cause further damage to the skin barrier.

5. Other face masks contain AHA / BHA and other acidic peeling and exfoliating ingredients, which may cause skin thinning and burns. Our mask does not contain those chemical peeling ingredients, we only pick natural Chinese herbs that won’t cause a skin allergic  reaction to create our mask.

Learn what is in your facial mask. There are many harmful ingredients that Unscrupulous Cosmetic manufacturers used to make a lot of money. Those harmful ingredients will definitely make the treatment of skin pigmentation become very difficult.

Kochia Mask-Skin pigmentation mask for sensitive & irritated skin

Soothing & calming Mask powder
Skin type : sensitive skin
Suitable for : allergic and sensitive skin (such as : redness, itchiness, swollen condition)
* Also recommended for acne, Tinea, eczema or damaged skin from chemical peel or laser treatment.

The ingredients of Kochia herbal mask for skin pigmentation with damaged sensitive skin

Active Ingredients : Fructus Kochiae, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, Salvia Miltiorrhiza Bge & Mung bean.

Description :
A skin pigmentation herbal mask that reduce dark spots while taking care of the most sensitive skin type. The key ingredients like Fructus kochiae and Glycyrrhiza uralensis help to calm sensitive skin by reducing skin allergic reaction and also repair damaged skin from sun burn / chemical peel / laser treatment.


Our products also have disadvantages, may not suitable for people who rushing for rapid result

Not fast enough
To be honest with you, no matter how good our skin pigmentation products are, it is impossible to make everyone 100% satisfied. Our Cyperus herbal mask may not be suitable for people who lack patience, who want immediate results.  A successful skin pigmentation program will take time, generally, 3 months or even half a year to see the result. Individual results may vary.

Not cheap enough
Some people may think that our products are too expensive, but the value of the products lies in the fact that we have spent a lot of time and efforts researching the natural beauty effects of various Chinese herbal medicines. We have found the most successful formulas which many skin care companies do not know.


Direction :
Use 7 times a week,advisable to use at night time. First, take 3 small spoon of mask powder, add a few drop of water mix into paste , then use a small brush to apply the herbal paste to the face. Avoid eyes area. Leave it for 30 minutes. After that, wash off with facial cleanser.

Further exploration :
Additional moisturizing ingredient can be added according to the needs of different seasons and skin conditions.
For instance:
(i) For severe skin irritation, add two drops of chamomile or lavender essential oil into the mask.
(ii) For sunburn and acne-prone, add in lavender essential oil or Aloe Vera gel to the mask.
(iii) For general maintenance, add in Lavender floral water or chamomile floral water instead of pure water into the mask.
* For stubborn eczema, Tinea, the mask powder can be diluted with water and applied directly to the affected area for several hours or even overnight to achieve the best results.

– Keep this product at dry & cool place.
– Once open, please use within 1 to 3 months.


Want to start your beauty salon with our natural Chinese herbs products, let's us help you to grow your business.

We help you to grow your beauty business
We will help those beauticians who wish to use 100% pure herbal facial treatments for their customers. We encourage beauticians to use chemical-free products to do facial care for their customers. At present, this plan is making great progress in many countries! Many beauticians who have used our herbal skin care products, not only have their skin improved a lot, but they have also gained a lot of confidence in helping customers with severe skin pigmentation problems. Their careers have a lot of progress and of course they made a lot of money!

Cyperus pigmentation mask contains natural herbs ingredients, no heavy metal, no toxic chemical and it is a very good skin pigmentation mask for Melasma and Freckle

Ho Modesty Consultancy’s idea :
We will never follow the others when inventing a good skin pigmentation product. We will not add chemical composition that hurts your skin.

We initiate a main principle in treating Melasma & Freckles , that is to use natural herbs to manage and regenerate beautiful skin.

This kind of simplicity concept in skin care not only can heal dark spots / dark patches, but also will make your soul and your life more liberating.

More info about our shipping process. Free shipping to worldwide, secure payment gateway,given tracking code to customers, no cheating, always contactable, using express post services etc. Please feel safe to order our skin pigmentation products.

How to Order
口 step 1 : Make order
For oversea customers, order at our website and make payment through Paypal.com.

For Malaysia customers, contact us by e-mail (tcm.modesty@gmail.com), we will give you our bank account details. The payment transaction is available through a local online banking system.

口 step 2 : Shipping process
FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING to worldwide. You don’t need to pay an extra shipping fee. For shipping destinations out of the Asia region, the shipping duration is about 7 to 10 working days.

Preparation of herbal products will take 1 or 2 days. We will send you the tracking code by e-mail.

口 step 3 : Parcel arrived
Please inform us once you received the parcel.

Note : During a pandemic, there will be a slight delay in shipping process for certain countries.

6 advantages of Kochia mask
1. Intensive repair for damaged skin
2. Soothing & calming for sensitive skin
3. Reduce redness & itchiness
4. Reduce inflammation of pimples
5. Restore skin’s self-healing power
6. Fade off dark spots

The company policy
1. All the herbal products (included herbal supplement & herbal skin care products) are not recommended for pregnancy or breastfeeding women.
2. Please consult your physician before taking any form of herbal products.
3. Our herbal products are traditionally used to improve skin condition, Individual results may vary. To achieve better results, managing a healthy lifestyle and good diet is important.
4. All products are custom made.
5. No refund, no returns or exchanges on goods sold.
6. It is best to use within 3 months upon receiving.

If you have any skin pigmentation issues, you can contact us. We at Homodesty.com will try our best to help you

Online consultation and custom made herbal products
If you have a complex skin pigmentation issue, an online consultation session with TCM Doctor Alexander Ho is available now. You can write to us by e-mail or send messages through WhatsApp or LINE. We will help you to custom made herbal products that suit your skin condition.

For more detail, please click on the link below


Company address :
Homodesty Consultancy
Level 5, Aeropod Commercial Square,
Jalan Aeropod Off Jalan Kepayan,
88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Google map : https://goo.gl/maps/XFT2CAZC2VS2

Contact number / WhatsApp / LINE : 012-4883814

E-mail : tcm.modesty@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “Kochia Mask for Pigmented Sensitive Skin – 2 Units”

  1. I have Freckles since I was a teenager. And now my cheeks become sensitive and thin after chemical peeling and the roller needle treatment. Alexander recommended me to use Kochia mask everyday. According to him, this mask help to repair damaged skin after Chemical peeling or laser treatment. He also told me to add 2 drops of honey to the mask powder if dryness occur on certain season ; when over exposure to sun or redness occur, use 100% plain aloe Vera gel / Saline water with the mask. I even ask him what if my face getting a bit oily during summer? He said put 2 drops of pure Lavender essential oil to the mask will do.

    In my review, Kochia mask is a multi tasking mask that suit your sensitive or acne skin with skin pigmentation. It will help you to overcome the redness on cheeks, reduce inflammation and break down dark spots without causing any allergic side effect. I love this mask a lot, now my freckles reduced a lot, I will continue to use this because it is natural and effective!

  2. I have oily sensitive skin and I would say I break out pretty easily. I have been using Kochia mask for about 2 weeks now and now no more broken out and it works well with my sensitive skin! My favorite part about it is it’s whitening effect which is excellent! When my relative first saw me after a week, the first thing she said to me was “Oh my God, your face looks so white and pretty! What did you do to it?!”

    It made my day =D

  3. My skin become very thin after the laser and AHA peeling, and easily having burning sensation and tingling feeling. Fortunately, with Kochia mask having a strong skin repair function, the dark spots are lesser now and the skin is not allergic!

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