Homo-SP (Supplements plus Skin Care Complete Set)

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Homo-SP Full Package combined the Chinese herbs supplement to nourish the internal organs and all the herbal skin care products from us. This full package work effectively to  break dark spots, repair damaged skin cells, restore the elasticity of skin, protect skin from sun damaged, increase immune system, regulate the hormones and activate whitening agent in skin.


HOMO-SP in a nutshell
Buy in a package, get more benefits and save more money!

Get rid of your stubborn skin pigmentation now!
Create your testimonial, welcome a spot-less, smoother, whiter and softer skin!

This complete skin pigmentation package help to treat :
1. Melasma
2. Brown spots
3. Age spots
4. Dark spots
5. Hyper pigmentation
6. Skin discolorations
7. Uneven Skin Tones

Enjoy the all in one, Homo-SP full package that help to :
– Brighten up skin complexion.
– Break down dark patches.
– Inhibit the formation of dark spots.
– Clear off body toxins that caused skin pigmentation.
– Repair scar.

What is so unique about HOMO-SP ?
In Ho Modesty Consultancy, we use Chinese herbs to nourish the internal organs by formulated herbal supplement. We not only understand the formation of dark spots, but also the way to break dark spots, repair damaged skin cells, restore the elasticity of skin, protect skin from sun damaged, increase immune system, regulate the hormones and activate whitening agent in skin.

HOMO-SP contain both Chinese herbal supplement and herbal skin care that help to treat skin pigmentation effectively.

Something special about HOMO-SP :
(a) Reduce pigmentation up to 70-90% within 12 weeks.
(b) Formulated by China herbal hospitals.
(c) 100% natural herbs ingredients.
(d) No Side effect.
(e) No Peeling.
(f) No Chemical added.
(g) Does not caused skin allergic.

Herbal supplement (total 3 bottles for 30 days) + herbal skin care set (Day cream 45ml + night cream 45ml + herbal mask 50g x 2 bottles, total for 1 to 2 months usage)
USD 260

* The packaging and product types in the photo might have some changes due to the needs of custom made requests by customer or special arrangement. An the moment, we are trying to upgrade this package, we apologize for any inconvenience caused, thank you for your patience.

Company address :
Homodesty Consultancy
Level 5, Aeropod Commercial Square,
Jalan Aeropod Off Jalan Kepayan, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Google map :
https://goo.gl/maps/XFT2CAZC2VS2Contact number / WhatsApp / LINE : 012-4883814
Youtube channel : Alex Ho
Website : www.homodesty.com
E-mail : tcm.modesty@gmail.com

The company policy
1. All the herbal products (included herbal supplement & herbal skin care products) are not recommended for pregnancy or breastfeeding women.
2. Please consults your physician before taking any form of herbal products.
3. Our herbal products are traditionally used to improve skin condition, Individual result may vary. To achieve better result, managing a healthy lifestyle and good diet is important.
4. All products are 100% hand made. It is best to used within 3 months upon received.
5. No refund, no returns or exchanges on goods sold.If you have any questions regarding your order, please feel free to contact us at tcm.modesty@gmail.com

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Homo-SP (Supplements plus Skin Care Complete Set)”

  1. I recommend taking a before and after photo of yourself if you use the whole set of products. It’s been only one month and i’m already seeing results! A brighter and more radiant complexion!

  2. My skin and pigmentation are improving dramatically, first time for the longest time I was praised by all my colleagues of how beautiful my skin is right now. I have to say (with regular use of the product together with the massage technique that you taught us on your site) my skin is firmer and a lot brighter, the pigmentation area becomes a lot smaller and lighter in color; if the scale of 1 to 10 (i.e. Being 1 – lightest and 10 – darkest) I would say the improvement is from 10 to about 4 or 3 now. Of course I wish it will go to 1 or 0 in the near future.

    Another bonus is that I haven’t been taken any sleeping pills for more than 2 months now, I won’t say I am always sounded asleep at night now but at least I can fall asleep compare to before that I was wide awake whole night (which the sleepless night from before was really a torture to me). I feel like I have my life back and with the sleeping at night I feel I get my “life” back in a way. Plus, I also find my little bumps on the back of my arms are all gone since I took those herbal tea ( I had those tiny bumps on the back of my arms for years and had no luck of getting rid of them). But unfortunately after I was running out of the herbal tea weeks ago, I feel the little bumps came back again a bit…. I guess I need to keep on taking the herbal tea for a little longer in order to be able to totally get rid of them.

    Conclusion – I am very pleased with my result; I wish the process can be faster (but I do understand as you mentioned on your web; Chinese medicine is being cured from inside out and will take a bit of time and need some patience from our side). Slowly and gradually the problem will improve and we can see the long term result without side effect.

  3. Frankly I have tried all the products. The mask, Sp cream , Herbal repair balm and also taken the face detoxer. I love all the products especially the herbal repair balm . I have melasma for the last few year and have seen a lot of dermatologist from Kuala lumpur to Singapore and now in Hong kong but yet to find any solution . I have tried all kind of cream prescribe by dermatologist including laser but still my melasma did not disappear until I start using Dr Ho ‘s products. It is very natural and safe .Theres no side effect and after using 3 months I can see difference in my skin, The pigment become lighter and on top of that the skin become smoother. Besides that Dr Ho is one of the most kind n generous person I have encounter. He will go out his way to guide me and advice . I have absolute faith in his product as I know he is very dedicated to his work and always try to find ways to improve his product.

  4. Few years ago, I visited a TCM practitioner for my melasma. My TCM practitioner agree and said my liver and kidney pulse was extremely weak. She said to stop eating spicy and sweet foods as this will decrease the excess heat in my organs/body.She also concluded that my melasma on my cheeks was a symptom of all this.

    Her sessions have become to costly for me to afford and she has not given me any supplements yet. I have unfortunately had to stop seeing her as it has become not affordable for me. When I read your blog I thought I’d write to you and see if your package deal will work for me.

    I tried a set of Homo-SP from your company, I am happy to see the result, although the progress is slow. However, I must say the result is there. Here, I am prepared to do before and after shots to promote your product.

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