Repair Balm – Extra Moisture Ointment – 2 Jars

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玉容膏 – 深层修护肌肤与阻挡黑色素分泌的中药面膏
A deep nourishing balm with Melanin stopping herbs for pigmented skin.



Be careful ! You skin damaged after Chemical peeling / Bleaching cream / IPL / Laser treatment. Redness, Itching, rashes, irritation, sensitive, peeling…..
– Old spots become difficult to remove.
– New spots forming up quickly.
– Redness, skin peeling off, irritation etc.

Herbal Repair Balm has the functions of increasing skin nutrition, promoting skin growth, strengthening skin elasticity, adjusting the keratinization degree of the stratum corneum, inhibiting the secretion of melanin, reducing the pigmentation of the skin, and enhancing skin functions and preventing skin  aging. In general, this balm has the effect of improving acne, acne, dry skin, allergy, pigmentation, wrinkles etcs.

Introducing a multi-task skin repair balm for :
1. Dry and dehydrated skin
2. Extra sensitive skin
3. Repair scar
4. Melasma / freckle
5. Wrinkle and rough skin

Reason to choose Herbal Repair Balm :
1.Soften skin texture (Make skin softer and smoother)
2.Brightened skin tone (Strong brightening effect)
3.A great moisturizer for damaged skin from peeling, bleaching or laser treatment. (Reduce redness and itchiness, shorten darkening phase)
4.Even skin tone (Prevent pigmentation)
5.Promote skin renewal. (Enhance elasticity and reduce wrinkles.)
6. Gentle moisturizer for extra sensitive skin with acne or oily and combination skin types
7. aim to treat Melasma & Freckles (Break down dark spots / dark patches)

Characteristic of Repair Balm – A Herbal Balm with natural anti-oxidants & Melanin inhibition effect.
1. Do not cloged pores, also work well for combination, oily, acne prone skin.
2. Fight wrinkles, dullness and skin pigmentation at the same time.
3. Long hours of hydrating effect on dry season.
4. Work as sleeping face mask, wake up and feel your skin so smooth, so soft and healthy.
5. Quick absorb & non greasy formulation (with 100%Jojoba oil)
6. Dosage adjustable balm (You can increase or reduce the usage of balm based on weather or skin types)
7. make dry sensitive skin very soft, glowy, and dew.
8. Perfect for face massage routine. Contain slow release moisturizer that moisturize your skin for several hours.

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The company policy
1. All the herbal products (included herbal supplement & herbal skin care products) are not recommended for pregnancy or breastfeeding women.
2. Please consults your physician before taking any form of herbal products.
3. Our herbal products are traditionally used to improve skin condition, Individual result may vary. To achieve better result, managing a healthy lifestyle and good diet is important.
4. All products are 100% hand made. It is best to used within 3 months upon received.
5. No refund, no returns or exchanges on goods sold.If you have any questions regarding your order, please feel free to contact us at
Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Repair Balm – Extra Moisture Ointment – 2 Jars”

  1. It is an AWESOME balm, it make your skin glowing, correct skin tone, fighting wrinkles and dullness- this product needs to be praised more. Its awesome!

  2. I only use this at night before bed. I use a tiny dot of repair balm for my entire face, usually with a simple face massage routine. The next day my face felt and looked like I had slept with a moisturizing face mask on. It was so plump and moisturized and looked so healthy!

    So I guess the balm shield the herbs ingredients , kind like making it slow- absorbing to the skin and allows it continue to break the dark spots for several hours.

  3. As for the texture, the balm feels lightweight when you use very little, such as half size of a soy bean. If you apply too much, it will look a bit greasy on combination skin type. But thing will go well because it won’t clog pore. Ideally, this balm tooks me around 3 months to use up.

  4. It smells lovely, the jojoba oil has a quick absorbing effect and is one of the few moisturising products that actually seems to leave my skin feeling moisturised!

    I do think it’s helped my Melasma and wrinkle skin as well. I’ve been using it for almost a year and I feel my spots clear up much faster.

  5. Just the best product I ever bought for my skin. I am using it in the evening and leave on my face as a night balm. In the morning my skin is so amazing and my sensitive skin improved.

  6. This balm is simply amazing. I have sensitive skin, prone to redness and dryness and dark spots, after using the balm, it is soft, firmer and just makes me feel 10 years younger and more confident.

  7. I recently purchased my first ever jar of this wonderful balm. I was skeptical, especially given the price of almost USD60 a jar. However, I noticed the difference on the first use. I decided to use it as a cleanser during winter (applying to damp skin then washing it off with the muslin cloth) and then reapply as an overnight moisturizer. Well, my skin has never looked so good and I have only used it for 3 days! My skin is clearer, softer, a little firmer and overall I am absolutely blown away.

  8. My skin was looking old,grey and tired after the winter despite using my usual moisturizer which contain too much Chemical ingredients. It also felt dry to touch. I used this lovely balm in the morning and evening for a week and the difference is remarkable. My skin looks much brighter and younger and lines softer. I had been telling myself to face up to inevitable aging. I am so relieved to look better with less wrinkles and my skin tone is even now. I know this sounds like one of those ads- but it’s true!!

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