External-SP (Complete Herbal Skin Care)

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External – SP contain all the skin care products from us. It brighten up skin complexion, break down dark patches, inhibit the formation of dark spots and prevent skin pigmentation


This external use skin pigmentation package help to treat :
1. Melasma
2. Brown spots
3. Age spots
4. Dark spots
5. Hyper pigmentation
6. Skin discolorations
7. Uneven Skin Tones

External – SP helps to :
– Brighten up skin complexion.
– Break down dark patches.
– Inhibit the formation of dark spots.
– Prevent skin pigmentation

If you purchase HOMO-SP full package, you are requested to choose your herbal mask, please choose from :
1. Kochia Mask (for sensitive / irritated / damage skin)
2. Cyperus Mask (for all skin types)

Please tell us about your choice of mask at the Checkout page, write down in the “Order notes”.
For those who didn’t choose a mask, we will give you Cyperus mask. Thank you.

What is so unique about External – SP ?
External – SP is a simple skin care system to treat skin pigmentation. It is suitable for those who don’t like to consume herbal supplement. This package contains all the proven Chinese herbs that correct uneven skin tone, lighten up dark spots and break down brown patches.For more information, please read the individual product page.


Name: Celine Ages: 40 Country: France
Date: 22 Dec2014

Hi, my name is Celine, I am 40 years old lady from France.
I have problems with brown spots and uneven skin tone. And after using EXTERNAL-SP for 5 month, I noticed there is a very beautiful improvement! My face is very pretty with HO MODESTY Consultancy products! Besides that, I also try my best to manage a healthy lifestyle. Everyday, I take green foods ,quit smoking ,stop drinking alcohol etc…

I think you can see the differences on my face pictures! I believe the good results come from a healthy lifestyle and the EXTERNAL-SP skin care! It is so amazing that my family found that I look much more younger than my ages!

This company has the best skin pigmentation product in the market, in the world!
I will definitely continue using their products for the rest of my life!
Thank you Alex for your serious and your passion for helping Melasma people in the world!
Happy Christmas!!!


Useful tip:
Some severe Melasma conditions which related to hormone imbalance, Adrenal fatigue symptoms and some other serious illness, might need special medical attention. Please consult your physician for further medical examination. External – SP does not help to heal Melasma or other type of skin pigmentation that cause by serious health problems.

Company address :
Homodesty Consultancy
Level 5, Aeropod Commercial Square,
Jalan Aeropod Off Jalan Kepayan, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Google map :
https://goo.gl/maps/XFT2CAZC2VS2Contact number / WhatsApp / LINE : 012-4883814
Youtube channel : Alex Ho
Website : www.homodesty.com
E-mail : tcm.modesty@gmail.com

The company policy
1. All the herbal products (included herbal supplement & herbal skin care products) are not recommended for pregnancy or breastfeeding women.
2. Please consults your physician before taking any form of herbal products.
3. Our herbal products are traditionally used to improve skin condition, Individual result may vary. To achieve better result, managing a healthy lifestyle and good diet is important.
4. All products are 100% hand made. It is best to used within 3 months upon received.
5. No refund, no returns or exchanges on goods sold.If you have any questions regarding your order, please feel free to contact us at tcm.modesty@gmail.com
Thank you.

One thought on “External-SP (Complete Herbal Skin Care)”

  1. Last year July, I was browsing website on pigmentation, then i found this website. I wrote to Alexander, I am very pleased with his knowledge on his products.

    My pigmentation is getting worse after several laser treatments.

    After using a package of External-SP for a month, I noticed big improvement on my skin. Pigmentation getting lighter. Really pleased with the products.

    I have shared his link to few friends. I completely stop my laser treatment. Supposedly I have another three time laser treatment which i had paid.

    Happy with the results. I can noticed the center of the pigmented part seems completely gone.

    From your client,

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