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The most common causes of severe and death from Covid-19 are respiratory failure, shock and multiple organ failure (MOF).

Studies from the United States have revealed that the lungs are not the only affected organ. Infections can also pass from the nose to the rectum through mucous membranes and blood, causing diarrhea or indigestion. Sometimes, without showing any upper and lower respiratory symptoms, Covid-19 virus can even spread to the bone marrow, inflame the liver and damage the brain.

This disease belongs to the category of “Febrile Disease” in Science of Epidemic Traditional Chinese Medicine. The basic pathogenesis is the epidemic virus attacks lung meridian, and the deficient of healthy energy. Its pathological natures involve : dampness, heat, toxin, deficiency of healthy energy and poor circulation.

Traditional Chinese medicine has always believed that healthy energy is the most fundamental element in resisting external evil energy, for preventing diseases, and promoting physical recovery.

However, it must be noted that our preventive herbal medication is not for the treatment of Covid-19, but to change your physical condition so that your immunity is stronger and you can resist Covid-19.

Our herbs Ingredients are based on the document, clinical research, doctor experiences and Chinese herbs database.
Astragali Radix : nourish lung energy, strengthen spleen and stomach, reduce the level of inflammation, improve blood circulation and lung function, regulate the body’s immunity.
Golden & silver honeysuckle : has antibacterial, antiviral, immunity enhancement and other pharmacological effects.
Herba Agastaches : It has obvious antibacterial activity and antiviral activity, which can protect and enhance the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract and improve the body’s immune regulation function.
Rhodiola rosea : It has the functions of nourishing lungs, clearing toxins in lungs, relieving cough and asthma, promoting blood circulation and  replenishing energy etc. It has good anti-fatigue and immunity enhancement effects.

Suitable for :
This herbal supplement improve immunity, invigorating energy for consolidating superficies, clear away heat and toxic materials in lung. Applicable to people with epidemiological history, close contact history and also the elderly, children and susceptible individual such as those front liners who work in fever clinic or Covid-19 designated hospital, or decontamination of anti-virus, transport of medical waste related personnel.

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Prevention Supplement x 4”

  1. For the reason of returning to work, I ordered this supplement and it reduces the chances of getting flu and fever, I used to have a weak lung’s immunity.
    Now I feel a lot more better and I believe this product help to prevent us from getting Covid-19.

  2. This is the best prevention for Covid-19. I am satisfied and happy with the Corona-go supplement. Although many people say it is expensive, but I don’t think it that way. Just imagine if you are being hospitalized, you will know how suffering it is to be a Covid-19 patients, plus the medical fees will be much higher than you can think of.

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