Covid-19 herbal supplement



This is a Chinese herbal suppement for prevention of Covid-19. It helps to boost your immune system and fight Covid-19 in the natural way. This package contains a total of 4 bottles for 40 days of consumption.


New evidence shown, Covid-19 vaccine will not block virus from entering your nose and mouth. That’s why many people infected even after fully vaccinated. When vaccine protection is not enough, what will you do?

Introduce Corona Go lung detox herbal supplement. Corona Go contains very powerful herbs to boost immunity and kill virus. Although it is expensive, it works better than those vitamins and supplements in the market.

You will ask me : How Corona Go work? Well, this is a good question. Let’s me make it easy for you to understand.

First of all, Corona Go protect and restore your skin barrier. It makes the virus and bateria can not go into our body.

Second, Corona Go stimulates epithelial cells in nose and mouth to produce more interferon. This will make the virus can not replicate and invade our cells.

Third,  Corona Go protect respiratory system by improve oxygen level, eliminate excess phlegm and balance humid in lung.

Forth, Corona Go clear out virus, pollutants and allergens like pollen, dust, mold, dust mites, and smoke.

Corona Go not only suitable for those who can’t have vaccine, but also for people who travel often or work in high risk places. Because it is a natural herbs supplement, it does not have side effects and will not harm the body.

This package contains 4 bottles of Corona Go. Each bottle contains herbal powder for 10 days consumption. Please mix 6 spoons of Corona Go powder with warm water and consume twice a day. In the first place, we want to encourage our customers to enjoy the natural taste of herbs. As the matter of fact, the usage of capsule or tablets is not in our consideration.

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 herbal supplement”

  1. For the reason of returning to work, I ordered this supplement and it reduces the chances of getting flu and fever, I used to have a weak lung’s immunity.
    Now I feel a lot more better and I believe this product help to prevent us from getting Covid-19.

  2. This is the best prevention for Covid-19. I am satisfied and happy with the Corona-go supplement. Although many people say it is expensive, but I don’t think it that way. Just imagine if you are being hospitalized, you will know how suffering it is to be a Covid-19 patients, plus the medical fees will be much higher than you can think of.

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