Cyperus Mask for General Pigmented Skin – 2 Units

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Cyperus Mask, a multi-tasking skin pigmentation mask : Clean impurities + Moisturizing + Brightening + Fade out dark spots + Refreshing + Firming + Remove heat. Suitable for all skin types.
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Are you looking for a mask that:
Cleans impurities?
Removes toxin?
Fade out dark spots?
Repair aging skin?

Cyperus Mask is the absolute solution for you!
With Cyperus Mask, you can see the result in just 30 days!

Since 2008 Cyperus mask is one of our best selling product in our clinic! For the past 9 years, we had been improving the formula through multitude of product research and development. Thanks to our esteemed clients’  feedback and opinions from all over the world, we finally designed a new line of herbal mask that is capable to treat all kind of skin pigmentation issues, Cyperus Mask!

It is suitable for :
1. Dark skin tone – Cyperus mask contains  skin lightening herbs highly effective to brighten your skin tone most importantly maintaining your natural look. You need not worry your face will become  too pale or too white. The mask is safe for your skin, it does not contains heavy metal like mercury, lead or any other chemical peeling substances.

2. Melasma  – Cyperus mask is designed to treat stubborn brown patches, it is because Cyperus mask contain herbs extracts that inhibit Tyrosinase activity, promote melanin reduction and hinder melanin biosynthesis. This means that the production of Melanin that create dark patches will be reduced and it will gradually break down dark patches.

3. Freckles – People with Freckles usually inherit from their family member, the freckles become darker and more visible due to long term UVA exposure.  It is reported that a person before the age of 20, the cumulative exposure to ultraviolet radiation accounted for 75% of the entire dose of life. There is evidence that most of the sunlight damage and formation of Freckles begins in the juvenile stage. Over exposure to sunlight, might encourage skin photo-aging. According to Chinese Medicine Theory, freckled skin condition is very much different from the natural aging of the skin, it is the the lack of water consumption and heatiness overexposure to the face.

So using a herbal mask is not only for whitening, it is for prevention as well, it helps to protect the skin by reducing the risk of skin damage, delaying the skin ageing process and gets rid of dark spots.


Reason to choose Cyperus Mask:
1. Effectively remove dark spots using herbs, it is 100% natural ingredients.
2. Do not contain heavy metal, chemical peeling or bleaching agent.
3. Do not cause redness, itchiness, rashes, irritation or allergic reaction to skin.
4. Very affordable price.
5. Suitable for all skin types.
6. Visible result in 30 days. Your skin tone become even and brighter, skin texture become very smooth and soft. Dark spots and dark patches fade out easily.

Characteristic of this product
1. Better result than Laser treatment and other bleaching, chemical peeling creams.
2. The only mask that break stubborn dark patches into smaller pieces. It contains very strong herbal extracts that able to deliver to the deeper dermis to break down  tiny Melanin particles.
3. For those who has very dark skin or dull looking skin tone, Cyperus mask will  lighten your skin tone and for sure you will have more healthy complexion appearance.

The formula of Cyperus mask is basically created by Chinese Medicine Dermalogical experts and had been tested on over ten thousand human test subjects and research outcome. It is a proven formula. The actual cure case sample on a variety of skin complexion issues and the result of treatments has been tremendously effective.

To enhance the formula of cyperus mask , our Chinese medical practitioner had run lots of testing to keep improving the Formula in Cyperus mask. Where user continually apply within 30 days , it actually stimulates the skin renewal cycle, regenerates the new cells where it enables the skin whitening process where the cell itself clears dark pigmentation.

To achieve the optimum result, we recommend application of the Cyperus Mask once daily for 30 days.

First week
Cyperus Mask will enable dull skin looking more nourished, softer and brighter complexion.

Second week
You may notice some black spot or freckles starting to fade. For example, complexion looks brighter or it may appear some whiter lining on the face.

Third week
The whiter complexion area getting wider , the black spot or freckles looks nearly disappear. The most surprising result, where you may find the complexion looks not only whitening but is smooth texture and even more elasticity.

Fourth week
This is the last week of the treament plan. Your skin Complexion looks more whitening, for sure the dark patches or brown freckles become smaller or even totally disappear.

The result of Cyperus mask has proven to be amazing. Patients’ with those stubborn black patches which have long historical roots or due to poor health issues, after repeating few times treatment only has seen results successfully resolving the skin’s problem. Our research had confirmed that 80% of human population will be able to have beauty complexion result with Cyperus Mask.

Active Ingredients : Atractylodes macrocephala, Typhonium giganteum and Benincasa hispida.

Direction :
Use 7 times a week,advisable to use at night time. First, take 3 small spoon of mask powder, add a few drop of water mix into paste , then use a small brush to apply the herbal paste to the face. Avoid eyes area. Leave it for 30 minutes. After that, wash off with facial cleanser.

*optional :
1. To reduce stress, you can add add 2 drops of Lavender essential oil to the mask.
2. If you have sensitive skin , you can add 2 drops of Chamomile essential oil to the mask.
3. If you have dry skin condition, you can increase the moisturizing effect by adding 2 drops of honey to the mask.

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The company policy
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2. Please consults your physician before taking any form of herbal products.
3. Our herbal products are traditionally used to improve skin condition, Individual result may vary. To achieve better result, managing a healthy lifestyle and good diet is important.
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Thank you.

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Tze Mui

    I noticed significant difference after five days of continuous use this mask. i will buy another set when i finish it.

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