Pain that related to weather

When the weather turns cloudy and humid, or when heavy rain comes, many people will start to feel muscle stiffness , numbness, discomfort, and even pain in the neck, shoulders and back bones. 

Japanese medical experts have researched and called this phenomenon “weather disease”. Traditional Chinese medicine has observed this phenomenon for thousands of years. We call it “Wind & Humid Bi Syndromes”.  Bi syndrome (numbness) is caused by pathogenic Wind, Cold, Dampness or Heat leading to obstructions of the meridians and sluggish circulation of qi and Blood.

天气转成又阴又湿,大雨下个不停时, 很多人就会开始觉得颈项肩膀和 腰骨酸麻僵硬不适,甚至疼痛。日本医学专家研究,把这种现象称为“天气病”,中医从古至今,观察了这个现象数千年,我们把它叫做“风湿痹病”。特别是骨头曾经受伤的中年人,或没有好好治疗,留下手尾的老人,只要有空针灸一下,一周运动三次,多晒太阳吸收阳气,吃中药调理三四个月就会全身筋脉舒畅,疼痛感没有了!

Especially the middle-aged people who have suffered bone injuries, or the elderly who didn’t get proper treatment, leaving long hand and tail (literlization), the discomfort and pain are very difficult to describe. However, if they have time for acupuncture and moxibustion, exercise three times a week, get more exposure to the sun to absorb Yang energy , and take Chinese medicine supplement for a program of 3 to 4 months, they will feel the pain gradually dissappear and feel energetic again.

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