Lesson 1 : Infection prevention and control of epidemic : Chinese herbs Incense

Chinese medicine doctors preparing herbs for prevention during pandemic

We understand the people who live in small island, rural area or inland might lack of a lot of resources to prevent community infections from Corona virus. Therefore I am here to share with you, a very cheap and effective natural Infection prevention method. We use two Chinese herbs :  Artemisia Argyi (艾叶)  and Atractylodes Lancea (苍术) to releases fragrant smoke when burned,  it can achieve the effect of house sanitizing and cleaning.

Artemisia Argyi
Atractylodes Lancea

There are many writting about control of epidemic in the book “Compendium of Materia Medica” and other ancient Chinese herbal books, burning Artemisia Argyi (艾叶), Atractylodes Lancea (苍术), Angelica Dahurica, Clove, Sulfur and other herbs will help to disinfect and purify room.

Moxibustion herbal sticks and wooden box

Using dried Artemisia Argyi (艾叶), Atractylodes Lancea (苍术), according to the ratio of 1:1, about 30-60 grams per 100 square meters of space. Coarse grind, mix well and place it in a dish. When you light it, you should be seeing smoke instead of flames. When burn, Artemisia Argyi (艾叶) might create a lot of smoke, if you can’t adapt to the smoke, you can use Atractylodes Lancea (苍术) alone.

Traditional Moxibustion performed by holding the burning herbal stick (look like a cigar)

* If you don’t have time to grind the herbs, you can use a moxibustion stick, this will make thing easy for you. A moxibustion stick is not expensive and yet it can protect the whole family.

Keep away from surrounding flammable materials, and be sure to extinguish the fire when there is a flame. Disinfection and control of plague mainly rely on smoke. When the Chinese dried herbs are burned, it is best to close the doors and windows tight. After full combustion, the smoke fills the room, and everyone should temporary away from the room. After about 1 to 2 hours, open the doors and windows for ventilation. Avoid this method if you are allergic to smoke. You can wear a Chinese medicine aromatic sachet to have the similar benefit of control plague if you don’t like the idea of burning herbs.

Burning Chinese herbs incense in China hospital during pandemic
The Chinese herbs incense has a long history in ancient China for prevention of Pandemic
The herbs smoke will help to disinfect the hospital before receive patients

Studies have also shown that herbal smoke can inhibit and kill a variety of bacteria and viruses. Atractylodes Lancea (苍术) has the effects of removing dampness (high humidity, more than 80%), invigorating the spleen and removing wind. The combination of Artemisia Argyi (艾叶) and Atractylodes Lancea (苍术) are aromatic herbs that eliminating dampness, eliminating filth and resolving turbidity.

This video shown a teaching lesson to young children on using Artemisia Argyi to create incense, Artemisia Argyi usually give a very strong aroma and heavy smoke during burning

Thank you for your reading, I am Alexander Ho, a Chinese Medicine physician from Sabah. Please share this article to those people that you care and love.

An one to one Chinese medicine teaching session in my herbal clinic
Student spend their school holidays to learn Chinese medicine here.

I wish you have a health body and let’s work together to flatten the curve.

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