Head massage tutorial video for beginner

Head massage for beautify your face

Learn simple head massage in 5 mins, it will helps you to increase vitality, relax mood, improve sleep, beautify face

Benefit of head massage

This is a head massage tutorial video. It is very helpful for improving overall health. It can reduce stress level, improve sleep, increase vitality and balance moods. Besides that, many customers said it can fades off dark spots and firm up aging skin. Since everyone is happy with the result, I think you better learn it. Moreover, it is totally free of charge.

Making it easy for you

This kind of massage has many schools of teaching. There are many complicated theories. Not only acupoint theories, but also the cerebral cortex projection. Of course it is not easy for a beginner to learn. But now I am making everything easy for you to learn.

My head massage won’t cause any side effects, even if you press the wrong acupoint. Learning a massage is very enjoyable and a relaxing moment. Please perform a head massage to your friends or family members.

More massage tutorials

In addition, I want you to visit my Youtube playlist. You will learn a lot from me. For example, face massage, eyes massage, nose massage, cheek massage and so on. Soon you will become better than me. Some videos were recorded a long time ago. I hope you don’t mind if the video quality is not good. For more info on our face massage balm, please check out Herbal Repair Balm.

Again, I am very happy to share my knowledge with all of you. Please have fun and enjoy! If you are interested to learn more, please write to me. I wish to make more massage tutorials for you in the future.

I am Alexander, an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine physician. Although I am in Malaysia, I serve many customers around the world. Please don’t feel hesitate to contact me by WhatsApp +60124883814 ,or e-mail me at tcm.modesty@gmail.com. At last, I wish you good health and stay safe during pandemic time.

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