Goji berries – The anti-aging herbs for great skin and better vision

Goji berry (Lycium barbarum L. ) , the fruit of a kind of Suffruticosa plant that normally can reach up to 2 to 3 feet. It can grows a bit larger in Ning Xia. This autonomous region in north-central China is the authentic region that has the best climate and geography factors to grow the best quality Goji Berry in China. In fact, the Goji berries grow in Northwest China are consider very good in quality.

How to pick the best dried Goji berries ? You must look for rosy and large Goji berries with less seeds. Some Goji berries have many seeds and very thin meat, which is not so good.  Dried Goji berries are very sensitive with the high humidity and hot weather, it gets bad and sticky if you don’t have proper storage. Remember, store your Goji berries in dry place and keep them refrigerated. Some food manufacturers add Goji Berries into Muesli or roast it together with nuts to create energy bar, I personally think the Goji berries’s quality and freshness will reduce when added to processed foods.

Goji berry is an anti-aging herbs that  warmly invigorating liver and kidney. It is used for treating fatigue and low energy,  soreness and weakness of backbone and knees,  feeling of internal heat  in diabetes condition, blood deficiency, sallow complexion and  blurred vision.  Ideally, 10g to 20g of Goji Berries per day is the normal dosage for improve general health. It is recommended to start up with smaller package of dried Goji berries, example 500g.  You can add Goji berries to your foods or desserts as you wish.  In Asia countries, we soak 10g of Goji berries together with 10g dried Chrysanthemum to create herbal tea for improve vision and relieve tired eyes.

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