Natural and passive immunity vaccination

Passive immunity, Covid-19 Vaccine and your health

The discussion of natural and passive immunity and vaccines.
The discussion between natural and passive immunity through vaccination

Today, let’s look at active and passive immunity. Covid-19 vaccine is a genetic medicine. It is passive immunity to stimulate antibodies production. At present, no one knows the effectiveness of it. We don’t know the amount of protection and long term side effects, but we still have to use it for undue haste.

How many doses do we need for killing Covid-19?

Covid-19 vaccine as passive immunity and more booster doses
How many vaccines we need in order to back to normal life? Is that realistic to depend on this kind of passive immunity?

They say we need a booster after two doses of vaccines. In the days to come, for sure there will be third and fourth doses to deal with various variant viruses. If the first two doses are not effective, why don’t people question, maybe the vaccine is not effective anymore? Maybe we have to face the reality; viruses live with us in the same world, it is impossible for humans to kill them all. Don’t forget, they coexist in our body. Their coexistence and death are related to maintaining our health.

Vaccine as passive immunity, only cures the symptoms, but not the root.

People reject vaccine
People reject vaccine is because they afraid of the side effects that might harm their body.

It is definitely a good news for vaccine companies. They convince people to get more doses. They can make more profit. It is definitely good news for vaccine companies. They convince people to get more doses. They can make more money, but it might be harmful to our body. The vaccine is passive immunity, maybe the jab will eventually mess up our natural immunity.

Regardless of the advantages of vaccines, it is still artificial immunization, in the end, it depends on our active immunity in the body, not passive immunity from vaccines. The Chinese Medicine Quote: Treat the symptoms when it is urgent; treat the root when it is not acute. Indeed, vaccines cures the symptoms, but not the root. The artificially stimulated antibodies will decrease over time.

Natural immunity VS passive immunity

IIn my opinion, we should manage a healthy lifestyle. We shouldn’t depend on vaccines. Chinese Medicine Quote mentioned: When there is sufficient vital force, the virus has no way to invade our body. The healthy Qi symbolizes our strong immune system, that’s our vital force.

In front of us, one is natural immunity and the other is passive immunity. Which one do you prefer? My intention is not to influence you to be anti-vaccine, but to inspire you to think out of the box. When you have a bit more deliberation, you will know what is best for your health.

Mainstream media one-sided approach on vaccines  

Mainstream media and vaccine
It is dangerous if our media only promote the advantages of vaccine

IIf the media is heading towards a one-sided approach, distorted the facts, misled readers, or suppressing the voice of the other, then we will doubt the motive behind it. So I hope you will spend more time on deep reading, you will find out, there is no absolute answer to explain how our world operates.

We understand, in some countries, people work for a living, with no extra money to take care of health. For the interests of the whole, vaccines become the cheapest method to restart the economy. People can only think of the present when there is no work and no food. It is unquestionable that hunger and poverty will definitely limit the visualization and planning for the future.

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