Covid-19 vaccine and herd immunity

Covid-19 vaccine and herd immunity

Recently, the US government advises third vaccine shots for their people. In contrast, the British experts have different opinion. After an infection, the body produces multiple antibodies. In fact, natural immunity works better. It is sufficient to protect against Covid-19 variants. Although mRNA vaccine can prevent severe reinfection. But the antibodies are mainly on spike protein.

A brief concept of how herd immunity look like when there are vaccinated people, unprotected people and COvid-19 positive people included.
Herd immunity seems like an empty promise. No consideration on Covid-19 mutation for new variants

Why not let Covid-19 spread freely?

The reason is simple. The Covid-19 death rate is higher than common colds. When it is out of control, society will be in chaos. But in developed countries, Covid-19 has already infected most people. They are either recovered, or vaccinated. Even after reinfection, they are rarely terribly sick. Therefore, British experts suggest to unlock the city. So that people can return to normal life.

Reinfection will increase immunity. It is as effective as extra vaccine. When we have more infections, the interferon from epithelial cells will become stronger. One day, the virus can not infect anyone. So the epidemic will comes to an end.

Reinfection and greater immunity

For example, flu virus infects children every winter. But after reinfection, children’s immunity becomes stronger. In adults, the flu is less likely to infect them. Only when they become older and weaker, flu virus attacks them again.

British experts also believe that children’s situation is simpler. Because their first infections are rarely serious. That’s why children don’t necessarily need vaccines. They suggest letting children get infected. So, their immunity will gradually increase. After some time, the virus will not reinfect them.

Will it cause an argument, if we let Covid-19 spread freely? Some people might end up with long-term side effects. However, if they allow Chinese medicine treatment, the problem would not be a problem.

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