4 tips in managing your health and prevent Covid-19

How are you? How’s the Covid-19 epidemic situation at your place? Currently, I am providing prevention herbal supplements for our Malaysia customers. Besides that, Malaysia associations of Chinese Medicine are working closely to suggest our Ministry of Health and Crisis Preparedness Response Center to include Chinese herbs in the epidemic works. 

For the past one week, our country started Restrictive Control Moment, I am sure some countries might be considering to lock down their city very soon. I moved all my herbs products to home and they allowed me to prepare herbal supplements at home. Below, I am trying to share with you some ideas and tips on prevention of Covid-19.

Tips on prevention of Covid-19

  1. Do not 100% believe what your government told you
    First, do not believe 100% on what your government told you. In order to reduce panic reaction or riot in the public, it is common to conceal the epidemic in certain affected area. A Chinese proverb said : prepare for the rain, dig the well without thirst. What you should do is to store away supply of food for at least a month.
  2. Wear a face mask when going out
    Wear face mask when you are outside of your house. Check carefully on the specification and certification provided by the factory. Nowadays, many sellers try to make a fortune from selling low quality face masks that do not protect you from the corona-virus. Many western countries’s experts said washing hands is enough to prevent from infected by Covid-19. But now we have more evidences shown the viruses are able to be transmitted through airborne. If you can’t get a face mask, at least learn how to DIY reusable mask, remember to place non-toxic plastic wrap or tampon at the middle layer to block the viruses. 
  3. Beware of asymptomatic infection people.
    Do not underestimate those asymptomatic infection people. They might not be examined because they look healthy and no showing any obvious symptoms of respiratory infections. But in fact they are time bomb, they are super spreader of Covid-19. So, just be extra careful when you are going to crowded places, remember to wear face mask, keep a distance from others (2 to 3 meters), try not to take public transportation, don’t touch anything and wash your hands often.
  4. Virus Detoxification may take longer period
    Accept the fact that Covid-19 outbreak becomes uncontrollable. This is due to the uncertainty and suspense of asymptomatic infection people beside us. Recently, China experts found the possibility of discharged Covid-19 survivors will still have the ability to spread corona-virus. Through their research , viruses are detected in the nasal cavity. The body will take approximately 20-37 days to detoxify virus.   

Dr. Sanjay Gupta (USA) who published his research in “A CNN GLOBAL TOWN HALL” , his team noticed 4/5 of the Covid-19 diagnosed patients are infected by those who did not know themselves carried the virus.  Therefore, we must all assume that we are likely to be infected with the virus. According to the latest data released by the CDC on 23 Mar, Corona-virus RNA found in Princess Cruise ship cabins up to 17 days after passengers left.

Chinese Medicine cured Covid-19?

Therefore, my prediction is the Covid-19 outbreak will not slow down if we ignore the existing of asymptomatic infection people that continue to spread the virus in the city. My suggestion for you is to use Chinese medicine to increase your immune system. In China, they treated 74,187 Covid-19 confirmed cases by Chinese herbs, which accounting for 91.5% and received more than 90% of total effective rate when compare with the Western medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine can effectively alleviate symptoms, reduce the development from light to severe condition, increase the cure rate, reduce the mortality rate, and promote the physical recovery.

Life still go on
Don’t be over panic, and always remember : when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I believe when things are difficult, strong people take action and do not despair. To fight Covid-19 effectively, I have designed Chinese herbal supplement for the prevention purpose of Covid-19. Our herbal formula follows the China guidance of ” Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for Covid-19″.

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