Mandatory vaccination

Mandatory vaccination and the Pros and Cons

Mandatory vaccination and the perspectives of support or anti vaccination. This is what we want to talk about today. Nowadays, many countries are forcing their people to take Covid-19 vaccine. For those who reject vaccines, they will lose their jobs, can not travel freely. It is not just a health issue, but also discrimination.

Many places only for vaccinated people
Soon or later, the majority will gives very limited space for those who reject Covid-19 vaccine.

Vaccine is an invention to protect us from Covid-19. However, it seems like vaccines can not stop the pandemic now. People still infected after 2 doses of vaccine. But now, our government want to force everyone to get more shots. Even idiots also know what is behind them. People now suspect what is behind them. Without a doubt, it is profit, or involving conspiracy theories? People are curious to know more.

Endless vaccines make big pharma rich
Do you think the more booster shots will make your body more healthy? Perhap mandatory vaccination will make vaccine companies more happy

Mandatory vaccination & your health

Whether or not to get a vaccine, It has become a sensitive topic. Here, we will discuss about reasons why we need vaccines. Besides that, we need to rethink the necessity of booster shots. After that, we also want to know why some people reject vaccines. At the same time, we look at opinions that support vaccination. After all, we need to understand how our body’s immune system works.

Awareness & self evaluation

Frankly speaking, it tooks me a lot of time to create this video. In order to reach more people, I prepared both English and Chinese subtitles. I hope to raise more awareness for people to rethink what is good for their health.

In the next video, there will be more info about existing side effects of vaccines. Stay tuned, my friend.

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