Coix seed – miracle food for great skin and good health

Today we will learn a special seed in Chinese medicine family. It is a magic medicine for me. I usually boil it and add some sugar to create a healthy beverage several times per week.

Job’s tears or Job’s-tears, scientific name Coix lacryma-jobi, also known as adlay or adlay millet, is a tall grain-bearing perennial tropical plant of the family Poaceae. It is native to Southeast Asia but elsewhere is cultivated in gardens as an annual.

What I am going to introduce is the seed kernel of Coix lacryma-jobi of the family Poaceae, we called it Coix seed, in some countries, they called it Job’s tears or Job’s-tears, also known as adlay or adlay millet. It is cool in nature, sweet and light in taste. It enters the spleen, lungs and kidney meridians, has the functions of replenishing water and invigorating the spleen, clearing away heat and removing pus, removing  (TCM) rheumatic disorder  and anti-cancer.

The scope of application of coix seed is very wide.  It can be used to treat Difficulty in urination, edema, athlete’s foot, spleen deficiency’s diarrhea, and can also be used for the treatment of Pulmonary Abscess and intestinal carbuncle.

Coix seeds have higher calories than rice and wheat, they are rich in fat, a variety of amino acids, a lot of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, etc.

As complex carbohydrates, coix seeds are rich in nutrition.  Each 100g of coix seeds contains 12.8g of protein, which is more than rice, flour, corn, sorghum, millet and other grains.  Every 100g of Coix Seeds also contain 3.3g of fat, 2g of dietary fiber, 69.1g of sugar, and also include niacin and vitamin E.

I always use Coix seeds in a few Asian dishes, such as cook with rice, make porridge, soup, or even use coix seeds with stewed chicken, stewed pork ribs, stewed pig’s trotters, and create sweet dessert, like eight-treasure rice pudding, spleen-invigorating traditional cake etc. Those are very suitable for the elderly, weak and sick people.

Coix seed with rice
Coix seed porridge
Coix seed with Chicken soup
Coix seed stewed pork ribs
Coix seeds cooked with sugar (sweet dessert)
 Eight treasure rice with Coix seeds, sticky rice stuffed, red bean paste and topped with dried fruits and Goji berries. It’s a light and healthy dessert that is perfect to serve at the end of a meal
Spleen-invigorating traditional cake, an ancient Chinese dessert that helps to improve digestion. It was also serve as a special dessert for king and queen in China.
Some of the ingredients to make Spleen-invigorating traditional cake, on the top left is the Coix seeds, follow by Chinese yam on the top right side, below are Hyacinth bean and Malt.
Other ingredients are Prickly water lily, Lotus seeds, Poria and Chinese hawberry. To create Spleen-invigorating traditional cake, Grind 8 herbs into fine powder, mix it with rice flour, add honey and sugar, mix into water to make dough, steam it in the food steamer, cut into desirable shape and serve.

Coix seeds also have cosmetic effects. Long-term eating Coix seeds can make your skin moisten and shine.  No wonder some people call Coix seeds “the seed of good health and longevity”.  Therefore, the local folk tune said: Coix seed is better than Ganoderma lucidum (Mean Coix seeds are better than expensive herb). Because it has high medicinal nutritional value, regular consumption can prolong life and make you become young again.

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