Get rid of dark spots with Homodesty Chinese herbal Pigmentation Mask ( Demo & steps to apply)

With the new changing world, consumers’ habits and tastes have been changed. Choosing an authentic Chinese medicine mask which is suitable for its own skin type and naturally harmless ingredient has been gradually valued by consumers, and it leads to forming a health conscious mindset of using Chinese medicine in beauty product. Synthetic pigments and […]

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Lesson 9 : Skin pigmentation, Constipation, Cancer and a diet for intestinal health

This video is about the connection between Skin pigmentation and intestinal health. How intestinal toxins affect our skin. Do you know: Skin allergies, severe dark spots, freckles, Melasma and cancer are closely related to intestinal health. For achieving a healthy, long-lasting, beautiful skin, we share a special diet that is ideal for creating a healthy […]

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