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Managing your health for getting rid of skin pigmentation issues

Happy New Year 2019!

About myself
My name is Alexander Ho, I am a Sabahan too. Like many youths, I left Sabah to further study and work in Kuala Lumpur for 16 years. I went to both KL Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and HeiLongJiang University of Chinese Medicine (Harbin, China). I learnt Chinese Medicine Dermatology.

On July 2014, I decided to go back to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to develop my career. In Sabah, there are very few qualified Chinese Medicine Physician to serve the people who seek for natural Chinese herbs skin treatments. Therefore, I hope I want to contribute a little more efforts to help people in Sabah.

Why everyone need to manage their health
When I was in KL, I have a lots of Malays, Indian and oversea patients. They feel happy to know me because I can explain their health condition in English . I always tell my patients, our body is like our car, we need to do regular check up to ensure it work well. My job is to help patients to know the cause of skin disease, and fix it with herbs. Most of the time, I am not just treating diseases, but also learn from my patients. We exchange ideas and knowledge on healthy living tips. Sometimes, I also travel to seek for inspiration.

What can I help you
Now I work in Aeropod Commercial Square, I am specialized in treating “difficult to cure” skin diseases. Such as terrible itchiness, redness, allergic reaction etc. Besides that, I also help women to look youthful by custom made anti-aging herbal supplement, herbal skin care and facial acupuncture. For your info, I am also very good at treating dark spots, Melasma, Freckles, skin pigmentation issues and wrinkles, acne etc.

Besides that, I am also providing consultation for helping people find out their own body type and health status, I analyse the strength or weakness in organs and personalized a healthy lifestyle plan to reduce sickness, pain and suffering in the future.

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如果你的肌肤很难侍候,一时又太干,一时又容易出油,又或者容易过敏、长斑和长暗疮的话,你需要一瓶很好的爽肤水! 一瓶不含酒精、不含任何化学成份,又有平衡肌肤“油与水”的爽肤水,才能帮助你!

记住何医师的话,护肤做得越简单,皮肤越健康! 护肤第一步,就是选对爽肤水! 薰衣草花水是给懒人使用的,只要—瓶就可以做到很多效果: 如瞬间收缩毛孔、平衡油脂分泌、让肌肤马上变成滑嫩和透亮!

为何我知道? 因为我自己也在用呀! 记得从西藏回来之后,皮肤吸收了大量紫外线,差点灼伤变成黑人。用了花水短短两个星期,我的混合型肤质也被这支花水调得好好的,不用刻意控油,也不用花时间做mask,皮肤很快就健康了,肤色也变白了!

现在,谦和堂又多了一个新成员 — 有机保加利亚薰衣草花水 100ml (可以用1-2个月)。花水,采用传统蒸馏法,在提炼精油时分离出来的植物精华,天然纯净,香味清淡怡人。科学证实有机花水的多重护肤功效,更有助唤醒肌肤,促进精华素及其他后续护肤品的吸收。将薰衣草花水当作爽肤水,刮胡子或剃毛前后喷洒薰衣草花水,可以减缓皮肤红热的反应。薰衣草花水对于身体,情绪与精神方面都有镇静效果,可用它来镇静情绪,使头脑清醒。如感觉压力大,头痛和神经紧绷,能帮助稳定思绪,减轻燥热及带给您清凉感觉。


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Organic Bulgarian lavender floral water

At the beginning of year 2018, I visited a Lavender garden in Tasmania and found that Lavender floral water is suitable for any skin type, and has a deep moisturizing effect on damaged, dry , yet oily skin.

If your skin is very difficult to take care, you need a great toner. The Lavender floral water is a solution for combination skin that is dry and yet very greasy on hot weather. This kind of skin type usually very sensitive to the changes of weather, it is very easily has acne and dark spots.

Remember my words, the simpler the skin care, the healthier your skin will become! The first step in skin care is to choose a good toner! Lavender flower water is the favorite of lazy people,just a bottle of Lavender floral water, you can have many amazing effects, such as: instantly minimize pores, balance the secretion of oil and make the skin instantly smooth and translucent!

Why I know this? Because I am using it myself! I remember after returning from Tibet, my skin absorbed a lot of ultra-violet rays and almost had a skin burnt. I used the floral water for only two weeks. My combination skin is well treated by Lavender floral water . I don’t need to buy other products to control sebum, and I don’t have to spend time to apply mask. My skin become so healthy and the skin tone become white again !

Now, we are selling an organic Bulgarian lavender floral water 100ml (can be used for 1-2 months). this floral water created by traditional distillation method, the plant essence separated in the extraction from essential oils, the fragrance is light and pleasant. Science has confirmed the multiple skin care effects of Lavender floral water, which helps to wake up the skin and promote the absorption of serum and other follow-up skin care routine. Using Lavender floral water as a toner, spraying lavender water before shaving can slow down the redness of the skin. Lavender flower water has a calming effect on the body, emotions and spirits. It can be used to calm emotions and keep your mind clear. If you feel stressful, headache and nervousness, it can help to stabilize your thoughts, reduce heat and bring you a cool feeling.

For your info, our organic Bulgarian lavender floral water is alcohol-free, does not contain any chemicals Ingredients, it is also free from animal testing.

Contact us if you are interested to purchase. This product also help to reduce visibility of dark spots.

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Testimonial : ” Laser treatment damaged my skin, but Chinese herbs cure my face.” 

” Laser treatment damaged my skin, but Chinese herbs cure my face.” 
Sha, 46 years old, Malaysian, married woman with 3 kids

Many years ago, I was unhappy with small dark patches around my cheek bone. I heard laser treatment can solves the problem. Therefore, I went to Dr. XXX Skin Specialist Center for laser treatment. After 2 sessions, I was very happy because my dark patches faded away. However, the good new only last for one week, the dark patches come back again. This time, my skin doctor introduced The Duet Yellow Light Laser to me. According to him, this is a stronger laser that will cure my stubborn dark patches. He recommended one session per month, I finally decided to go for it.

After I finished 13 sessions, my temple and cheek area developed a large area of dark patches. As in the photo (before), my right face was horrible, the pigmentation appeared in rectangle shape and it was like being burned by the leakage of laser beam light. When I questioned my skin doctor, he said I need some rest and he prescribed some drugs for repair the skin. I took it for a month, nothing really happened. I was very sad and disappointed, laser treatment not only wasting my money and time, but also ruined my life. I have very low self-esteem. Everyday when I step out from my door, I need to apply very thick make up and wearing scarf to cover my ugly face.

One day, I met Alexander Ho from Ho Modesty Consultancy, he treated me with 100% Chinese herbs products. After 6 months, I have a very encouraging result, my skin tone become brighter and the dark patches break down gradually. I think those photos speak for themselves. Chinese herbs really work!

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Why face massage by bare hands are better than using face massage electric device?

You might don’t believe, our hands have amazing healing energy. When we have toothache or stomach ache, we often use our palm to cover those painful area. This is the natural healing power from our palm, because the palm can release trace radiation that can promote vibration and activation to the deep skin cells. By rubbing your palms to produce warm feeling and practice deep stomach breathing, you can have a perfect face massage.