Bay laurel tree’s legend

One of the oldest herbal legends in Greek is the myth from the Sun God Apollo and the Goddess Daphne. One day, Apollo scolded Cupid, the young God of love, saying that God of love should not play bows and arrows. In revenge, Cupid shot a love arrow at Apollo, igniting Apollo’s love fire; and shot another arrow at the beautiful girl Daphne, making Daphne resist love. From then on, Apollo began to pursue Daphne desperately, until finally Daphne asked Peneus, the God of the river, to help her escape, and Daphne became a bay laurel tree. After seeing Daphne’s new appearance, Apollo declared to the world that bay laurel tree (Laurus Nobilis) was sacred, and woven a laurel wreath on his head, symbolizing his eternal love and glory. This is the reason why athletes wore laurel wreath at the first Greek Olympic Games. Later, many stories of high honor were extended from this. There are also many unique stories of herbs. Although some are superstitious, they have special meanings in ancient Greek and Roman society.

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