Unlocking the Power of Moxibustion: A Comprehensive Study Class in Traditional Chinese Medicine”

Homodesty Consultancy Moxibustion Study Class Introduction:

This course aims to master the basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine meridians and acupoints, the method of locating acupoints, and commonly used health acupoints; understand the characteristics of the moxibustion material artemisia leaf, the principles of moxibustion, various common moxibustion operation methods, common diseases treated with moxibustion for health care, and precautions for moxibustion operation.

Through learning, you can become an excellent enthusiast in acupuncture and meridian health care, and become the hope for the health of your entire family!

What is Moxibustion Therapy?

Moxibustion therapy is a method of preventing and treating diseases by burning moxa made from dried artemisia leaves and Chinese medicine on acupuncture points to provide warmth and stimulation to the human body.

What are the therapeutic effects of moxibustion therapy?

Moxibustion therapy has good therapeutic effects on chronic weakness due to insufficient yang qi and diseases caused by wind-cold-dampness pathogens, such as colds, muscle and joint rheumatism, limb numbness and pain, anemia, dizziness, cold stomach pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, enuresis, visceral prolapse, women’s excessive menstruation, irregular menstruation, uterine coldness, and more.

Teaching Features:

① Elements: This course aims to master meridian acupoints and commonly used moxibustion operation methods and applications, highlighting the role of moxibustion, focusing on the use of moxibustion in conjunction with meridians and acupoints, emphasizing course objectives to enhance learners’ ability to apply moxibustion for health care.

② Content: This course combines invited model demonstrations with knowledge lectures to enhance interaction between teachers and students.

③ Format: Recording of class videos is allowed for convenient student review and discussion in the future. Teachers and students interact flexibly, with lifelong learning through multiple channels, both online and offline, to disseminate knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, meridians and acupoints, and health moxibustion.

Suitable Participants:

This course is suitable for massage therapists, meridian health care practitioners, and enthusiasts of traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion therapy.

Tuition: RM 350 per session (1 day / 2 days / 3 days / 6 days)

Each class lasts approximately one and a half to two hours, including materials and textbooks. Classes are available on Sundays or weekends.