The Healing Power of Prayer: Evidence from Scientific Studies

The power of prayer in healing has also been demonstrated, whether it’s individual prayer, family, friends, or even strangers’ prayers. For example, in 1982, 393 patients in the coronary care unit of a San Francisco hospital were randomly selected to receive or not receive intercessory prayer from others. Patients, doctors, and nurses were unaware of which group was the control or experimental group. The results showed that patients who received prayers required fewer instances of CPR, ventilators, diuretics, and antibiotics, as well as experiencing fewer instances of pulmonary edema and death. In a study led by Duke University and the Dehong Medical Center, heart patients who received prayers from seven different faith groups around the world had better outcomes than those who only received traditional medical treatment. A study on late-stage AIDS patients found that when people prayed for them from afar without their knowledge, they experienced a reduction in symptoms and a significant decrease in depressive feelings.

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