Discovering True Security: Finding Tranquility in Self-Love and Spiritual Understanding

Every day we hear the word “security.” Yes, it seems like we’re all seeking security in this world—financial security, social security, national security. All forms of security are important, but here we’re discussing a deeper sense of personal physical and mental security: emotional, spiritual, and the security that enables thorough interaction among family, loved ones, friends, society, and culture.

Many people can’t find a sense of security because they don’t understand it. Security comes from love, from understanding one’s soul, from experience. When you love yourself, that love radiates out; when you don’t love yourself, your energy consciously or unconsciously focuses on seeking self-love, leaving no time to feel tranquility.

Insecurity stems from lack of self-love. How to find the so-called security? These are things you need to continuously learn in your past, present, and future lives. True security comes from understanding that you are immortal, eternal, and can never be harmed.