Sweet Harmony: A Fusion of Tradition and Health in Chinese Desserts

Documenting “Arhat Longan Jelly 1.0”.

This is the first attempt, also summarizing valuable experience. My style involves significantly reducing sugar and making good use of arhat fruit, a rare natural sweetener with a sweetness ranging from 125 to 563, yet with zero calories. Additionally, I incorporate some herbal ingredients into the jelly for replenishing fluids, nourishing blood, and moisturizing the skin. Also included is a packet of “Tai Ju Chrysanthemum syrup” for friends who prefer a sweeter taste. You can enjoy the original flavor first, then add a little “Tai Ju Chrysanthemum syrup” later to experience two different tastes.

Homodesty's Arhat Longan Jelly
Homodesty’s Arhat Longan Jelly

I never imagined that besides treating illnesses and practicing acupuncture, I’d also explore how to better integrate desserts and traditional Chinese medicine. It’s worth mentioning that the desserts I make are ones I would eat myself, so I strive to adhere to the principles of Chinese medicine health care by reducing sugar, avoiding artificial colors and food additives. Everything is handmade without relying on technology or harsh processes.

Homodesty's Arhat Longan Jelly

Special thanks to “Miss Wang,” who has been teaching beside me recently. She has profound insights into various foods and desserts. With her guidance, I believe there will be many creative ideas in future Chinese medicine work!

* Now collecting orders for next week. Interested friends can contact me privately. Thank you!

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