Journeying Through Time: Exploring Past Life Regression Therapy

Yesterday, I conducted a hypnotherapy session for a client related to past life regression. The client’s past life memories were a series of stories, as well as lessons to learn. One of the purposes of hypnosis, similar to meditation, is to access our subconscious. The subconscious is not bound by logic, time, or space, allowing recall of anything that has ever happened. It enables memories to transcend all constraints of time and space, touching upon profound insights that may elude us in daily life.

During hypnosis, although immersed in past life memories, the client remained able to answer questions and maintain awareness. Therefore, their mental faculties during hypnosis always remain vigilant and cognizant of the present, while also being able to organize past life memories, rendering hypnosis non-threatening.

Hypnotherapy helps patients delve into the depths of their subconscious to find potential paths to healing. Analogously, regression therapy is like guiding a patient into the town of healing, where their past life serves as the miraculous fruit on their healing tree. While such a remedy may be elusive in reality, there, they can pluck and consume this potent medicine for recovery.

Past life regression therapy is a mental exercise that allows individuals to revisit early life or past life experiences, regardless of how distant. In such a state, we can rectify distorted memories, altering negative impacts on our current life, which may be the source of ailments. Hypnotherapy enables rapid traversal of consciousness, reaching the pinnacle of awareness, breaking limitations such as the inability to access past life memories in waking consciousness.


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