Experience Tranquility with Meditation Herbal Sachets: April Special Offer!

“Have you ever heard of meditation herbal sachets? April Special, RM 25.

The fragrance therapy involves wearing herbal sachets on the body, placing them on office desks, in cars, hanging them near indoor air vents, or placing them beside pillows.

In April, Homodesty Herbal Center brings you ‘Meditation Herbal Sachets.’ The cloth bags contain over ten kinds of precious powdered Chinese herbs, emitting a strong fragrance that can prevent colds, refresh the mind, aid digestion, ward off evil, repel mosquitoes, and relax the mind.

The cloth bags, handmade in Japan, have deep significance. The colors and patterns on the fabric are imbued with Zen philosophy, with each pattern representing a different meaning. As you hold the sachet and repeatedly admire the patterns on the cloth, your thoughts gradually calm. This act of ‘focus,’ akin to meditation, will leave your mind clear.”

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