Breaking the Illusion: Understanding the Barrier to Change

People often lack self-awareness about their actions and the reasons behind them. If you ask those who indulge in excessive eating, drinking, smoking, or gambling why they continue despite knowing it’s bad, they often respond with resignation: “I don’t know. Maybe it just feels good.” Similarly, if you inquire why those tormented by work, relationships, or hardships don’t seek change, their answers are usually similar.

Most people are reluctant to change, partly due to entrenched misconceptions. These deeply ingrained misconceptions hinder change. Surveys reveal that regardless of age, people tend to proudly recount significant changes they’ve made in the past but generally believe it’s unlikely for greater changes in the future, termed “end of history illusion.” Whether in music taste, friendships, hobbies, or interests, most people mistakenly believe their preferences will remain constant throughout life, despite ample evidence suggesting otherwise. If you dare not imagine or fail to imagine, the likelihood of realizing change diminishes significantly.

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