Miraculous ancient Chinese hypnotherapy: Drugless Healing of “Move Essence Transform Qi” on November 25th

Hello, everyone! In November, Homodesty Herbal Skin Clinic has a charitable activity. It is the “Move Essence Transform Qi” ancient Chinese hypnotherapy on November 25th.

“Have you ever heard of shoulder pain being alleviated by holding a stone, transferring the pain into the stone, and feeling immediate relief? Yes, this is the ‘Move Essence Transform Qi’ technique. ‘Huangdi Neijing,’ an ancient medical text, recorded that skilled ancient physicians used this method to transfer a patient’s spirit and regulate the disorder of organs’ energy flow to treat diseases. Unfortunately, this technique was lost over time.

I once employed a similar approach for treating illnesses. Later, I encountered two hypnotists in Vietnam, and with their guidance, integrated theories from the ‘I Ching’ (Book of Changes) and traditional Chinese medicine. Now, I introduce this ‘Move Essence Transform Qi’ method to the public. In essence, this therapy doesn’t require any medication; it only relies on conversational methods to achieve certain effects.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, a healthy person is the harmonious unity of spirit and physical form. The spirit is the inherent essence of life activities within the body, with each organ having its own spirit. It emphasizes the integration of mental and physical aspects rather than distinguishing them, promoting a holistic concept of unity between humans and nature. ‘Huangdi Neijing’ also mentions the phrase ‘treating the spirit with the utmost skill,’ emphasizing the importance of treating ailments from a psychological perspective while simultaneously addressing their physical manifestations.

In the movie ‘Inception,’ the characters manipulate thoughts through dream infiltration to alter deeply rooted beliefs. In contrast, ‘Move Essence Transform Qi’ employs linguistic guidance to induce patients into a state similar to a lucid dream while awake. The symptoms of patients are likened to chaotic patterns of scattered gravel, and the technique acts as a gust of wind dispersing these entangled physical and mental symptoms.

Each ‘Move Essence Transform Qi’ therapy session lasts about half an hour. The targeted symptoms fall into two categories: subjective feelings of negativity and can be classified as psychological or physiological. Psychological symptoms mainly encompass negative emotions such as anxiety and depression, while physiological symptoms include pain, numbness, chest tightness, palpitations, abdominal distension, skin itching, etc. Usually, these symptoms result from complex physical and mental interactions, leading to chronic and unresolved diseases. Unlike traditional psychological therapies, patients do not need to reveal the causes of their illnesses or disclose personal privacy.

On November 25th (Saturday), there will be a free trial of ‘Move Essence Transform Qi’ therapy. Everyone is welcome to make early appointments. Thank you!”

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