Traditional Chinese Medicine Rescues Woman from Chronic Skin Issues: A Success Story

A 61-year-old woman, Madam C stated that her skin condition was not severe 8 months ago. She initially self-diagnosed it as a fungal infection and self-treated with essential oils for 3 months. However, the itching and discomfort on her right ankle became unbearable, and her skin gradually developed a mossy appearance. She eventually consulted a Western medicine doctor after waiting for some time. Unfortunately, the cream prescribed by the doctor caused stinging and redness. The doctor then prescribed a steroid cream, but she was hesitant to use it. She also followed her friend’s advice to soak her feet in saltwater and colloidal silver water (a direct selling health product) once or twice a day. This resulted in her skin becoming dry, hardened, and oozing yellow fluid at the affected areas. She then applied jojoba oil to the affected areas and consumed enzyme supplements, but her skin showed no improvement. 3 months ago, she developed shingles, experiencing excruciating pain throughout her body. It took 42 antibiotic tablets for her condition to gradually improve.

At this point, she felt extremely frustrated because a series of complex skin issues had led to severe allergies and inflammatory reactions, tormenting her physically and mentally for 8 months. Eventually, she sought help from Chinese medicine (TCM) for treatment. After a thorough diagnosis by Dr. Alexander Ho, he treated her with a combination of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. Over the course of a month, with three changes in the herbal formula and the use of Homodesty’s “Radish Anti-Itch Cream,” her skin improved significantly. 4 sessions of acupuncture promoted skin metabolism, restored the normal turnover cycle of her skin, and allowed old layers of skin to shed, revealing new, healthy skin. In conclusion, TCM has shown remarkable effectiveness in treating chronic eczema and mossy skin lesions without any side effects, making it a valuable option for such conditions.

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