Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Triumph Over Stubborn Skin Issues: A Treatment Approach Addressing Psychological and Physiological Factors

Madam C felt particularly agitated after her first acupuncture session, constantly complaining and even considering giving up treatment. She had a dream where an angry village chief reproached her, saying, “We’ve been living peacefully here, and yet you continuously use arrows to drive away and kill our villagers. If you don’t stop, we’ll make your life unbearable!” However, Dr. Ho, full of curiosity, asked her, “Didn’t you tell them that they are illegal immigrants who are now occupying your body?”

In reality, those who experience such dreams usually have something unresolved deep within them, coupled with a deficiency in righteous energy and an abundance of pathogenic energy, allowing these indescribable invisible entities to influence them. In other words, this is the impact of psychological factors on physiology. As expected, during her second visit, she complained that her skin had suddenly become excessively dry. Her skin felt tight and painful when walking, and small red rashes, both painful and itchy, had appeared around her ankles, spreading upwards like the “Great Migration of East African Animals.” Even her lips, cheeks, and right ear had become extremely dry. Her right ear was itchy and oozing a yellow, foul-smelling fluid. As shown in the photos from May 1st, her ankle looked severely burnt, which was quite alarming. Faced with such a situation, many patients quickly abandon treatment, and doctors are often at a loss. This is also one of the reasons why many patients with stubborn skin conditions struggle to persist with treatment.

As doctors, we must provide psychological counseling, reassuring patients that as long as they endure a little longer, they will undoubtedly see positive results! The good news is that on May 8th, Madam C’s skin, especially the most severe part around her ankle, has essentially healed!

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