Overcoming Lifelong Dry Skin: Mr. H’s Success Story with Traditional Chinese Medicine

What to Do About Naturally Dry Skin?

This is a case from last year, and I’ve been quite busy, so I haven’t had the time to organize successful cases until today when I’m sharing the story of Mr. H, a 28-year-old unmarried gentleman. Since childhood, Mr. H has faced the problem of dry skin, flaking, and unbearable itching all over his body. Whenever the weather gets hot, he develops red rashes, and with more sweating, his skin becomes itchy and turns red. He also gets rashes on the palms and soles of his feet, and his skin gets itchier before bedtime, leading to scratching and discomfort. Regarding food, he experiences severe allergies whenever he eats shrimp or Thai-style spicy and sour soup.

Having had skin problems since childhood is due to congenital factors, usually associated with deficiencies in the liver and kidneys. This can be attributed to inadequate maternal diet during pregnancy, exacerbated by frequent consumption of ‘triggering’ foods. In Filipino tradition, pregnant women often drink coconut water and consume honey daily, resulting in babies born with beautiful skin, and there’s some wisdom in this practice.

I examined Mr. H’s pulse: his left pulse was wiry and slippery, while the right pulse was weak. The left, representing Yang, and the wiry pulse indicate an excess of Jueyin Liver Wood; the overactive Liver Wood overacts on the Spleen Earth, resulting in a slippery pulse indicating damp stagnation. Apart from skin issues, it’s no wonder he also experiences abdominal bloating. The left radial pulse represents the ascending of Kidney Qi, while the right pulse represents the descending of Kidney Yin. The strong right pulse suggests a deficiency in Yin essence, which cannot be properly contained, thus leading to Yin deficiency disturbing Yang. With a month of Chinese herbal treatment, focusing on nourishing the Liver and Kidneys, moistening Yin, replenishing Qi, and invigorating the Spleen, the moisture level of the skin significantly improved. Itchiness and heat sensations were greatly reduced, as shown in the images. The skin on the back appeared as if it had shed a layer, becoming fairer and more radiant.

For congenital dry skin issues, it’s advisable to avoid spicy and fried foods in your daily diet. Instead, incorporate sesame, walnuts, honey, sugarcane, lilies, lotus seeds, Solomon’s seal, Tremella mushrooms, and silver ear fungus into your diet. Of course, when the problem is severe, it’s recommended to consult a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner for targeted treatment.”