Managing Psoriasis: The Importance of Dietary Restrictions and Cooperation

Here’s a story about a chef from a certain ethnic group. Initially, he came for a consultation because a restaurant group was considering firing him due to increasing skin flaking in multiple areas, fearing it would affect food hygiene. Because of his high level of cooperation and willingness to follow dietary restrictions, I used Chinese herbal medicine for three weeks, which largely resolved the flaking issue. Later, the company’s Western medical consultant personally called me to inquire about the chef’s skin condition, and I provided all the necessary information. Since the chef came to see me for a short period of time, we achieved this level of improvement at most. Whether he can keep his job in the future will depend on his luck. Treating psoriasis with Chinese medicine is just a small part of the equation; the key is the patient’s high level of cooperation to ensure effectiveness.

One of the reasons psoriasis becomes increasingly complex and difficult to manage is the lack of dietary restrictions. Attention! Friends with psoriasis, remember to avoid spicy foods such as beef, lamb, crab, shrimp, and alcohol. Some may argue, “If I can’t eat anything, what’s the point of living?” Traditional Chinese medicine views each person’s internal organs as having strengths and weaknesses. Some individuals may have no issues with the aforementioned foods due to their constitution, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have other triggers.

If a person knows that certain foods are triggers but completely disregards them, the situation can worsen. I once saw a CEO who had been suffering from psoriasis for years, completely ignoring dietary restrictions, smoking, drinking, and consuming rich and spicy foods. At the peak of his condition, he had used substantial amounts of steroids and antihistamine injections to suppress the itching, but his skin was in a terrible state, making him unrecognizable. However, I believe that some self-discipline in managing one’s body can greatly improve one’s quality of life.

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