Keratodermia tylodes palmaris progressiva, hadn Eczema cured by Chinese medicine supplements

The Incurability of ‘Rich and Noble Hands’ Explained

Keratodermia tylodes palmaris progressiva cured by Chinese Medicine

The condition known as “rich and noble hands,” also referred to as “Keratodermia tylodes palmaris progressiva, KTPP” or commonly known as “housewife eczema,” is it difficult to treat? It is generally believed that performing household chores and coming into contact with various detergents can cause dryness, roughness, and desquamation of the skin. This leads to increased wrinkles on the fingertips and palm prints. In severe cases, it can cause cracking, bleeding, loss of fingerprints, stiffness in the fingers, resulting in pain and even difficulty in finger movement. However, these are just external factors, and merely wearing gloves while doing housework or relying on various hand creams may not necessarily be effective. According to my observations, many people overlook a fundamental aspect, which is that being overly sensitive in their thinking can also trigger “rich and noble hands.”

I found that most of the patients who sought treatment had issues with excessive worrying, nervousness, anxiety, and excessive concerns. Interestingly, patients who were cured with traditional Chinese medicine, even if they consumed a large amount of allergenic food and alcohol during international travel for a week or two, still had healthy fingers. However, once they returned to their hometown and resumed doing housework while wearing gloves and avoiding contact with irritants and detergents as much as possible, they would experience dryness, peeling, and eventually become red, itchy, and unrecognizable again. It is evident that leaving the stressful environment and enjoying a happy mood during travel actually cured the skin allergies!

This allergic reaction, controlled by emotions, can be observed first as suspicious white papules or red spots accumulating gradually from the fingertips to the ends of the fingers. This then leads to the destruction of sebum in the skin, causing dryness, peeling, and increased skin permeability, making it highly susceptible to invasion and irritation from other substances, resulting in eczema. In the 8 Trigrams of the Book of Changes (Yi Jing), this transformation belongs to the Xun Gua, which represents the wind. It is evident that it is caused by “unstable wind” (such as emotions) within the body.

Therefore, in addition to using traditional Chinese medicine for treatment, I also conducts psychological counseling for patients. As long as patients can reduce the accumulation of stress in their daily lives, minimize negative emotions, and maintain a relaxed and pleasant mood, “rich and noble hands” will heal quickly. For friends who are still seeking treatment, in addition to choosing traditional Chinese medicine, they must also have strong willpower and patience because this type of skin condition can vary greatly, making it easy for people to give up treatment. To further stabilize the patient’s emotions, benefiting the healing of the skin, repeating the healing codes “0002” can significantly reduce various distracting thoughts in the mind, improve concentration, and coupled with the vibrational sound wave of this number combination, which corresponds to the Dui Gua, it has a moisturizing and itch-relieving effect on the skin, effectively addressing any skin allergy.

*The image shows a chronic hand eczema that plagued an elderly woman for many years. After several weeks of treatment with my traditional Chinese medicine, the results were significant, and her skin even improved compared to before. 

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