The Amish community and their simple living habits

Remind Yourself of Simple Living Habits

The Amish community, residing in Pennsylvania and Ohio in the United States, continues to live an extremely simple life without the use of electricity or petroleum. They strictly adhere to the teachings of the Bible.

The Amish do not practice birth control, which results in an average of 7 to 8 children per adult, and when combined with cousins, the extended family can reach as high as 75 to 80 individuals. Relatives live close to each other, allowing them to quickly come together and form a strong support network when needed. This close-knit social structure truly embodies the concept of social security.

In terms of occupation, their livelihood is primarily based on farming, craftsmanship, and running small grocery stores, all of which are not high-income professions. Despite having to support a large number of children, they do not borrow money or delay payment of expenses. Furthermore, the amount of their savings often surprises outsiders. The banks near Amish communities can attest to these comments.

The author of “Money Secrets of the Amish,” Lorilee Craker, became curious as to why the Amish were able to thrive while the global economy was in a downturn. In order to answer this question, she conducted interviews with them. In the end, she discovered a set of “money habits” that had been passed down through generations within the Amish community.

“The Amish do not spend money on things they need. They strive to make items by hand or utilize substitutes, or they resort to bartering. When they must spend money to purchase something, they treasure it greatly and use it until it can no longer be used. Additionally, they despise frivolous items that lack practical meaning. Since the essence of the Amish faith is simplicity, spending money for the sake of others’ opinions or judgments is impossible in their way of life.” Lorilee Craker documented these stories in her book.

For the Amish, gifts are always handmade or sometimes purchased from thrift stores. Only the children selected through a lottery system receive Christmas presents, primarily due to the sheer number of children in the community.

Such a lifestyle may be perceived as “poverty” in our eyes. However, on the other hand, the Amish share the crops harvested from their fields with their neighbors. They engage in pleasant conversations while enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it can be said that the Amish can enjoy a wealthy and healthy diet without spending a penny. This simple way of life is truly admirable.

For modern individuals who find it difficult to experience a sense of “peace,” I believe that promoting an “Amish-style life” should be encouraged. This would allow more people to appreciate a simple life and the interdependence among individuals, thus creating a whole new way of living. Isn’t a simple life, coupled with mutual assistance, the best way to overcome insecurity?

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