Introduction of Healing Codes Therapy

Introduction of Healing Codes Therapy

Here, I have created an album where everyone can experience ‘Healing Codes therapy’ with peace of mind. I will periodically post some numbers prescriptions that can help adjust the body’s Yin-Yang balance, clear the meridians, and support vitality. For some people, this may only be a placebo effect or psychological suggestion, but as long as it is effective, why ignore, belittle, or reject its therapeutic effects?

Due to my great interest in exploring the essence of belief and the miraculous effects of qigong in illness and adversity, I hope to accumulate more research examples in this field. If you are interested in this area, I also welcome you to follow my posts, practice the repeated recitation of numbers, test the prescriptions, and provide feedback. Let’s explore the power of mind healing together.

Note: Training belief requires a long-term learning and understanding, and its effects may vary from person to person. Those who are suffering from an illness should consult a doctor, undergo examinations, and receive medical treatment to avoid missing the best treatment opportunity.

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