Reciting 00200 healing codes (also known as number therapy) duirng hiking.

Experience with Using the Numbers 00200

I started using this set of numbers ten years ago. Initially, I was skeptical, but later I discovered that after silently reciting these numbers, my skin became more radiant, the sebum secretion balanced, and my complexion became fairer. It continued until last year when I traveled to a Western country with a group of people. None of us wore masks while walking on the streets. After a few days, we all felt a slight dryness and soreness in our throats. I didn’t pay much attention to it and kept reciting 00200 throughout the day as I walked around the streets. Surprisingly, the soreness in my throat disappeared.

Lately, I have been regularly using the stairs in my apartment for exercise, and occasionally I go hiking in the nearby hill. Sometimes, negative thoughts come to mind, such as feeling tired and wanting to give up. However, since I started rhythmically reciting 00200 according to my steps, I have actually become more energized as I walk. I don’t feel tired at all. I think perhaps focusing on reciting the numbers eliminates distractions in the brain, making me feel relaxed throughout my body and entering a state similar to Qigong, where all the meridians in my body become regulated.

In summary, I believe that 00200 has the effect of replenishing energy, eliminating fatigue, moisturizing the skin, and boosting immunity. For those who frequently catch colds or suffer from coughs and colds, it’s worth giving it a try. However, please note that the above are solely my personal experiences and should be taken as references.

Note: Developing belief requires long-term learning and comprehension, and the effectiveness may vary from person to person. Individuals with existing illnesses should consult a doctor, undergo examination, and receive proper medical treatment to avoid missing the optimal treatment timing.

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