The power of belief and self-healing

Can Silent Counting of Numbers Really Promote Health

There are several explanations: Firstly, each set of numbers represents an information field, and through silent counting in the mind, it generates a powerful subsonic wave that enhances positive energy and impacts the affected area. The second explanation is more easily accepted by patients, attributing it to psychological suggestion or placebo effect. The third explanation is simpler, stating that it is a form of qigong.

In addition to the above explanations, I believe that strong belief and focus should also be emphasized. Belief can influence both physiology and psychology, which is not only relevant to medical treatment and prevention of diseases but also holds profound influence. This self-activated healing power is achieved through focused silent counting, eliminating all distractions in the brain and gradually entering a state of “qigong resonance,” leading to miraculous self-healing. I don’t think there is any other power as universal and readily accessible as this.

In various religious practices, prayers, speaking in tongues, sacred scriptures, and incantations all serve as conduits to the divine. You may have heard of a master reciting an incantation that can influence the people around them with a strong aura, even causing ripples in a glass of water on the table. You may have witnessed a pastor praying for a patient and witnessing an immediate healing. These supernatural phenomena are scientifically based on the principle of the brain entering a state of “tranquility and sincerity, allowing things to flow naturally.”

We have placed excessive reliance on medication, surgery, and treatment regimens while neglecting the power of the mind. I hope that in addition to a balanced application of medication, surgery, and medical treatments, we can introduce the practice of  healing codes to maximize an individual’s health and sense of well-being.

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