Understanding Your Values

Understanding Your Values

When considering your future life, take a moment to reflect on your personal values. What things hold incomparable value to you?

* Devoting your life for the world or others.

* Finding joy in a healthy and fulfilling life or meaningful friendships.

* Engaging in organizations with shared goals and experiencing a sense of belonging.

* Appreciating the beauty of society and striving to maintain it.

* Continuously exploring practical ways to solve problems.

* Treating others with love and care.

* Wholeheartedly committing to completing something.

* Experiencing happiness through physical well-being and mental tranquility.

* Feeling the power and joy of life through nature.

* Analyzing oneself independently, without relying on anyone or anything.

* Constantly enriching oneself spiritually.

* Leading a disciplined life with lofty ideals and aspirations.

Each person holds certain meaningful and valuable things in their hearts, and what truly matters varies from person to person. Whatever you consider most important to you, as long as it aligns with your inner values and complements your lifestyle, it can make you feel the value of existence and provide you with a constant inner strength.

Everyone has something they truly want to do in life; the difference lies in whether they have “become aware” of it. Therefore, everyone should “carefully listen to their own subconscious.”

In collaboration with Homodesty Consultancy and Mo Xuan Sheng’s I-Ching Research Center, we provide rational divination services to the public. Through the deduction of ancient abstract symbols, we help questioners reevaluate themselves and examine their situations. By engaging in introspective “dialogue between heaven and man,” we aim to find daily decisions that are most helpful to the questioner, assisting them in seeking good fortune and avoiding misfortune.

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