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Destiny is something that is difficult to explain clearly

Destiny is something that is difficult to explain clearly. Yesterday, a middle-aged man came to me and asked me to use the “Book of Changes” to read his fortune and predict his future. Based on the analysis of the two previous divination sessions, if he stays in Kota Kinabalu this year, he will not have any disasters, but a stable and stagnant situation in his career. In other words, there is no room for development. This may sound discouraging and sad, but from another perspective, the economy of Kota Kinabalu in 2023 will be in a downturn, everything will be quiet, and elderly people with money will not spend it. The market atmosphere is not conducive to the development of young people.

After studying divination for a long time, I have come to believe that sometimes it is the larger environment that hinders the development of certain people’s careers. I must emphasize again that the larger environment is a terrible thing, and we cannot bring things back to life with our meager efforts alone. However, most people are unable to be alert and make decisive decisions, and immediately go to another place to seek new opportunities. Therefore, you will see some people complain about life when they reach a certain age, but they stay in the same place for thirty or forty years, and their entire lives are wasted without even shining in their limited time on earth.

The divination of the “Book of Changes” only reveals the current situation and can also be used for forward-looking judgments. However, the “Book of Changes” is not used for fortune-telling, it is not a superstition, and it is not a magical tool. In the end, the final effort still depends on oneself. This is why after studying the “Book of Changes,” Confucius did not teach people how to arrange their formations or read feng shui. Instead, he realized that the secret to changing destiny is to know oneself, and then to further improve one’s moral character. For Confucianism, the best way to turn bad luck into good is to constantly learn the principles of being a good person.

Confucius did not teach people how to arrange their formations or read feng shui.

In summary, the study of the “Book of Changes” is an important book for us to study the roots of traditional Chinese culture. Divination is not the entire content of the “Book of Changes.” Its philosophical connotation is to guide people on how to adapt to nature and master their own destiny through the laws of the movement of all things.

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