Healing codes (also known as number therapy)

Can Chanting Numbers Cure Skin Diseases?

This is a patient with allergic dermatitis on the left side of the abdomen. As shown in the left image, for some reason, I did not recommend traditional Chinese medicine to the patient, possibly considering their financial situation. After one acupuncture treatment proved ineffective, a set of numbers for treating skin diseases was designed based on the principles of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements in the Book of Changes (I-Ching). The patient was instructed to go back and repeatedly chant these numbers silently, inducing certain brainwave frequencies that promote skin healing. As a result, the allergic reaction subsided after two days, and the skin returned to its previous condition (right image – slight variation in skin color due to strong lighting and angle, please understand).

Healing and Ritual Imagination in Chinese Medicine: The Multiple Interpretations of Zhu You

Ancient Chinese medicine also had similar treatment techniques known as “Zhu You Shu.” This kind of psychotherapy based on the research in the Book of Changes, combined the knowledge of Chinese medicine, Taoism, and modern psychology, bridging the ancient and the contemporary, and developed a numerology therapy (also. Known as healing code) to promote health. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine has many unique treatment methods worthy of in-depth study. Some things are difficult to explain clearly, such as this case, which makes us admire the ancient ancestors’ realization of the principle of “harmony between heaven and humans.” In term of how to download the programming code for repairing the human body from the void is a direction for my future research.

*This therapy requires guidance from a specialist, and its effectiveness may vary from person to person.