What is the value of life?

What is the meaning of life’s existence for you?

You might try asking yourself, what is the value of life? I have attempted to classify it into three categories:

1. Doing things that bring personal happiness (such as enjoying food, traveling, hobbies, sports, family gatherings, etc.).

2. Expressing one’s abilities (utilizing one’s knowledge, experience, or special talents, etc.).

3. Making contributions to society and embracing inherent challenges and missions.

The meaning of life’s existence certainly extends beyond these three categories, and personal values may change as one grows older. However, whether it’s an idea or just an interest, if you wish to realize and uphold your values throughout your journey in life, it is essential to have a period of preparation and momentum. Therefore, it is crucial to start preparing yourself mentally from now on.

From middle age until now, we have been constantly contemplating the value of existence in life. However, even so, I believe there are still many people who feel deeply confused about how to experience the meaning and value of life.

If you haven’t yet discovered the purpose of your own existence, you may want to try answering the following questions. I believe these questions will serve as important prompts to help clarify your self-worth.

1. What activities bring you the greatest joy? What activities make you lose track of time and forget about the passing hours?

2. What topics can you discuss with others for hours on end without getting bored?

3. At what moments do you look back and feel a sense of pride, saying to yourself, “I did an amazing job”?

4. What actions have you taken that received high praise from others?

5. What tasks are you frequently asked to help with by others?

6. Do you measure the value of things based on their worth?

In addition to these questions, other factors such as “things you always wanted to try as a child” or “interests your parents once had” may serve as inspiration for you. Please write down the answers to these questions in a dedicated notebook.

If you still can’t find the value of your own existence, you can also use the Yi Jing (Book of Changes) to analyze yourself from multiple perspectives, rediscovering your personality, talents, abilities, and values.

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