Little Joys in Everyday Life

When do we feel happiness? Is it when we accomplish a major business deal at work, successfully execute a challenging plan, or when our child achieves good grades? These are often considered moments of happiness, right?

However, we often overlook certain moments of happiness in our daily lives, such as when a friend comforts us, when a shop owner nearby compliments us, or when we casually discover wildflowers blooming beautifully on the roadside. These small events in our everyday life are the little joys of life. Just by considering this, we realize that happiness is within reach on our journey through life; we just need to pay attention.

Therefore, we should practice opening our senses and deeply experiencing the things around us, just like feeling the “gentle breeze and the fragrance filling the air” or noticing the unique color of a small yellow flower. Through these small things, we can feel the joy of life.

Are you fully utilizing the five senses that nature has bestowed upon us? It’s not just about experiencing the sound of the wind, the touch of a pet, or the taste of food. It’s also about appreciating the changing hues of the seasons or savoring the flavors carried in the air. By doing so, you create a vibrant world for your own life.

I suggest practicing the “daily discovery exercise” by finding something new for yourself every day and recording it in a diary. It’s a great way to awaken your senses.

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