About death

About death

We should talk about death, explore attitudes towards death, try to uncover the face of death. The normal death process is very peaceful. We can feel that the cloak of death is covering us. Although we cannot see through death, we can prepare for it. We should take comfort in that.

The following classic descriptions of death may give us some inspiration and reference:

“We know that in fact, people live to wait for the final death, but the result is not the purpose of living. What we care about in the end is the process. The distance from life to death may take a long way, but death is eternal. .So, we must live well, because we will die for a long, long time.”

“Death is nothing to us, because when we existed, death did not come to us, and when we die, we no longer exist.”

“Death is but a journey from one world to another.”

“With death all fear disappears, including fear itself.”