How to use Book Of Changes to study your name and find out your destiny

How to use Book Of Changes to study your name and find out your destiny

The customer who had made an appointment did not show up, but suddenly a middle-aged man called to inquire about the different stages of life. According to the Book of Changes, Six Yao positions based on 80 years of life, he has already reached the third Yao at the age of 39, which is a crucial stage in life. The hexagram obtained from his name is Ze Di Cui, and the eight characters together represent “Cold wood produces flowers, the beginning and the end are weak.”

Hexagrams Ze Di Cui
Cold wood produces flowers, the beginning and the end are weak.

When asked about his childhood, he mentioned that his mother had accidentally become pregnant with him, had taken abortion pills but was unable to have an abortion, and eventually gave birth to him. As he grew up, he noticed that his spine was not well developed and was different from others, and he also had some congenital heart problems. By examining his palm and tongue, it was apparent that he had a relatively weak constitution, which was consistent with “beginning was weak,” but what about “end weak”? The upper Yao of the Cui hexagram is Yin, and in his old age, the liver and kidneys tend to be Yang deficient. So, what exactly does “cold wood produces flowers” mean?

The middle-aged man said, “Dr. Ho, I haven’t had much luck since I was young. No matter what I do, there are obstacles, and nothing goes smoothly.” I confirmed that he had some friends at different stages of life, but they were not close to each other. When he encountered problems, no one could help him, nor could anyone give him good advice. He replied, “Yes, I’m almost 40, and I feel like my life is adrift, even if I’m determined to make something of myself, I can’t seem to achieve anything. So, I’ve become very anxious and depressed.”

I explained, “The reason why the beginning and the end are weak is to allow cold wood to produce flowers. To put it simply, it’s like blooming beautiful flowers in the cold winter, which requires a tremendous amount of energy. This is your destiny, your life’s work. Your starting point, whether in terms of health or other areas, is inferior to others, but in the end, you will not have any disasters and can still bloom beautiful flowers.”

The middle-aged man was also intelligent and immediately asked, “Dr. Ho, are you saying that I’m the kind of person who will achieve greatness late in life?” I replied, “Now that you’re 39, you can’t become rich overnight. Moreover, the things you’re working hard on now, the people around you won’t believe in you or recognize your work. Your friends will also be somewhat indifferent to you. You need to know all of this early on, so you won’t have expectations of everyone. According to the hexagram, you should pay attention to the work you have done in the past. Your past experiences will guide you on a path, and after the age of 52, everything will go smoothly. However, you should be aware that your health will be relatively poor in old age. I noticed some cracks in your tongue, which means you should nourish your spleen Yin and protect your fluids. If you experience lower back pain, you should start treating it from minor issues. I hope there won’t be any major problems when you get older.”

I did not reveal any further advice regarding his career. Before the middle-aged man left, he looked much more relaxed, as if he had let go of a heavy burden. He took out a red envelope from his pocket and handed it to me, thanking him profusely. He also made an appointment to receive acupuncture and requested me to prepare a Chinese herbal formula to improve his health.

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