Experience the Joy of reciting numbers for improving your health

The operation is extremely simple: silently count the numbers in your mind, without speaking out. Generally, each number is counted for about one second, and there should be a pause of about one second between each group of numbers (indicated by a black dot below). After completing a full set of numbers, pause for one or two seconds and start from the beginning again.

Silent counting of numbers is not restricted by time, location, direction, or posture. It can be practiced during concentrated moments in the morning or evening, or integrated into daily activities such as walking, sitting, or lying down, ranging from 15 minutes to several hours. Therefore, counting numbers is a simple, practical, and liberating form of qigong.

Take an example :
200 . 650 . 370

By silently counting the above numbers and stimulating the brain through neural pathways, the body’s five elements are readjusted, allowing the energy of the internal organs to balance and achieve physical and mental well-being.

Note: During the process of silent counting, if no discomfort is felt in the head, stomach, heart etc., you can count silently at all time to experience the therapeutic and health improving effects. The duration of counting can vary, ranging from a few seconds or minutes for shorter sessions to over ten or dozens of minutes for longer sessions, producing different sensations such as clarity of mind, lightness of body, and invigorating energy. On the other hand, if discomfort is felt in the head, stomach, palpitations, shortness of breath, chest tightness, etc., it is advisable to stop. Even if you don’t have noticeable sensations, consistent practice of silent counting can still be effective.

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