The magic seed that make your skin moisten and shine

Coix seed – miracle food for great skin and good health (Part 1)

Today we are going to learn about the seed kernel of the Coix lacryma-jobi of the family Poaceae, we called it Coix seed, in some countries, they called it Job’s tears, also known as adlay millet or white barley. 

This is a blog that shared by Chinese Medicine Doctor Alexander Ho about the magic Coix seed that make skin moisten and shine
Come and join me, explore this blog, you will understand how useful is Coix Seed for your skin pigmentation treatment

It is cool in nature, sweet and light in taste. The energy of Coix seed enters the spleen, lungs and kidney meridians, has the functions of replenishing water and invigorating the spleen, clearing away heat and removing pus, removing rheumatic disorder and anti-cancer.

How Coix seed and the original plant looks like.

The scope of application of Coix seed is very wide.  It can be used to treat difficulty in urination, edema, athlete’s foot, spleen deficiency’s diarrhea, and can also be used for the treatment of Pulmonary Abscess and intestinal carbuncle.

Expained the function of Coix seed in treating difficulty in urination, edema, athlete’s foot, spleen deficiency’s diarrhea, Pulmonary Abscess and intestinal carbuncle

In Chinese medicine cosmetology, Coix seed brightens skin tone, hydrates dry skin, clearing away heat, tonifying skin, eliminating carbuncle and discharging pus and promoting skin rejuvenation. It is often used for the treatment of skin hyperpigmentation, acne, flat warts, skin carbuncle and so on.

White rice and Coix seed
You can try to cook coix seed with rice

Coix seed is gluten free, it has higher calories than rice and wheat, it is rich in fat, contains a variety of amino acids, a lot of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, etc. 

Coix seed with porridge
Coix seed with porridge

As complex carbohydrates, coix seed is rich in nutrition. Each 100g of coix seed contains 12.8g of protein, which is more than rice, flour, corn, sorghum, millet and other grains. Every 100g of Coix Seed also contain 3.3g of fat, 2g of dietary fiber, 69.1g of sugar, and also include niacin and vitamin E.

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