Alexander talk about work, travel, life in 2022 and the new year 2023 vision

Let’s talk about work, travel, life in 2022 and the hope for 2023

Alexander Ho, founder of Homodesty Consultancy, a Chinese medicine doctor only works half of the year, and travels to 10 countries throughout the year of 2022. People who don’t know him think he runs a travel agency and thinks he is well-off.  Now let him talk about work, travel, life in 2022 and vision in 2023.  Let’s dissect the myth of why this crazy Chinese medicine doctor like to travel, his fun of making vblog, the flexibility of free travel, and how he find the original heart in the limited life, besides that, he will also share the idea of how to live in the present, how to handle the middle-aged confusion and finding the way to break through.

About the things we did in year of 2022 and the 2023 hope and vision, a sharing from Alexander Ho, Founder of Homodesty Consultancy

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